Investigation at the Brooksville Train Depot

train depot brooksville

Last night I joined Florida Suncoast Paranormal Investigations for another ghost-hunting adventure. In February we visited the May-Stringer House in Brooksville, FL. Yesterday we explored an old train depot in the same community. Here’s what happened.

History of the Brooksville Depot
Built in 1885, the Brooksville train depot serviced the Florida Southern Railroad and Atlantic Coast Line before the last train rolled out in the late ‘60s or early ‘70s. CSX eventually acquired the old depot, and the building fell into despair until the Hernando Historical Museum Association purchased the property in the 1980s. As with the May-Stringer House, volunteers worked extensively to restore the historic site, and the depot is now a historical museum full of local artifacts and train memorabilia.

Haunting at the Depot
Unlike the Stringer home, the Brooksville depot doesn’t have much in the way of documented phenomenon (at least not that I could find online). However, docent Bonnie LeTourneau mentioned voices in the restored meal car and a spirit who doesn’t care for women. A video posted online features voices from a ghost box and a train whistle from beyond (or perhaps just a real train rolling along a set of nearby tracks).

The Investigation
Of all the places in the depot, the restored car was definitely the creepiest. A few members of the group said the air felt heavy, and one woman, a sensitive, felt very anxious in a specific corner of the car. Some of us also sensed slight, but constant, motion, almost as if the car were chugging along. To be fair, however, just about any movement made it rock.

My group conducted several EVP sessions throughout the depot which consists of the restored meal car, the depot building itself, and an enclosed area outside. We didn’t notice anything strange, though our recorders picked up plenty of noise from outside: cars, dogs, pedestrians, and blaring rap music. At one point, a blood-curdling scream rang from down the street (the depot is in a questionable area), but it was definitely a woman not a wraith. Perhaps we’ll find something else in the night’s audio and video.

Here are a few photos of the Brooksville depot museum. See any ghostly conductors?

train model

brooksville train depot

brooksville train depot

creepy mannequin
brooksville train depot

8 thoughts on “Investigation at the Brooksville Train Depot

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  2. Our group has conducted 3 investigations at the Train Depot and we captured some great evidence. We had several hits on our K2 along with EVP’s at the same time. One of our members was in the main office area monitoring the video equipment and the door leading I to the main loading area just opened on its own. The Train Depot is a great place to investigate and Bonnie is very accomadating.

    • Perhaps we were just there at a quiet time. I’m sure we’ll return eventually. Next up for us is the May-Stringer House. I really enjoyed my last visit and look forward to investigating again! What group are you with?

      • I am the founder of XUL Investigations out of Clearwater,Fl. We have been to the May Stringer House a few times and caught some EVP’s. We have been investigating for about 3 years and the Train Depot is one of the most active places we have been. I am not sure if you have been but Myrtle Hill in Tampa is a great place too.

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