6 Haunted Objects Currently Listed on eBay


Got a thing for ghostly knick knacks? Here are six haunted objects currently up for grabs on ebay.com. Bid away!

Bar Mirrors That Witnessed a Double Murder and a Suicide

The Story: Two mirrors that once hung at the site of a double murder/suicide now inspire dread in anyone that sits near them. From a placard that comes with the mirrors:

“When friends would visit the owner and sit at the bar, they all experienced the same eerie feeling as if someone were staring at them. No one could sit at the bar for any length of time without becoming incredibly frightened. Do you feel a presence in front of the mirrors?”

Current Bid: $99.99

haunted objects

Surgical Scissors from Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Story: A paranormal investigator came across a pair of bloodied surgical scissors at the infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY. She took them home, and now the scissors are pissed.

“I’ve walked by the shelf where I keep these and they will fly off and try to stab me. I’ve had visitors to my home experience this also. This is a dangerous item. If it’s not kept in a closed and locked container they will hurt someone.”

Current Bid: $5.00

haunted scissors waverly hills

A Cat Candle That Terrifies

The Story: A woman buys a cat candle from an estate sale, much to her daughter’s horror.

“Ever since this forsaken item has been in my home, my daughter has had night terrors every single night. She screams bloody murder in the middle of the night and is sweating from head to toe. Since then I have taken it out of her room, and she now sleeps fine.”

Current Bid: $1.29

haunted objects

Antique Silver Chain Procured from Flooded Grave

The Story: Massive flooding forces a cemetery caretaker to relocate the contents of 25 graves, each “hundreds of years old.” The caretaker finds a silver chain in one empty grave and gives it to the same eBay user selling the haunted scissors.

“No matter where I store it I always find it in the floor stretched out. I taped it to a piece of cardboard three times. Twice I’ve found the tape ripped and the chain hanging out. Silver has been a symbol of evil for a long time so it’s no surprise to me that it’s haunted.”

Current Bid: $67.13

haunted jewelry

A Spirited Spittoon from the Goldfield Hotel

The Story: An eBay user is troubled by a haunted spittoon from Nevada’s haunted Goldfield Hotel and is now offering the object for sale.

“The hotel has been on many paranormal shows. I have had weird occurrences because it was in my home so it’s now in the pole barn. I’m not a fan of spirits.”

Current Bid: $50.00

haunted goldfield hotel object

An Antique Chandelier That Sways for No Reason

The Story: A picker finds a chandelier from the Depression era only to discover something strange about the amazing antique.

“This lamp will sway when I’m not in the room and suddenly stop when I walk in. This never happened until I bought the lamp and hung it.”

Current Bid: $250.00


Have you had an experience with a haunted object? Share your story here or read more tales of haunted objects.

4 thoughts on “6 Haunted Objects Currently Listed on eBay

  1. I thought Ebay banned all this stuff already since the “dybbuk box” fiasco and Silver is not a symbol for evil.

    It’s actually holy and said to repel and kill evil spirits including demons.

    The Cat camdle is weird. Folklore says you should never pick up things from places, that’s bad luck. Imagine from a haunted location that’s even worse.

    And a place like waverly hills? Hell no! Especially not a bloodied or surgical instrument.

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