Reader Submission: The Man in Black

shadow person

“I can say, without a doubt, I’ve seen and heard more unexplained phenomena in the past several years than most. I have many stories about apparitions, unexplained movement of objects, and hearing angels sing. I work in an ICU, so I see more than my fair share of death. The one experience I will never forget still haunts me to this day because I have never figured out what it was, or why it came across my family.

I was three years old when I first saw the apparition. I can honestly say I didn’t know what it was, and I thought I was seeing things. It was a black figure that always stood in the hallway, right in front of my parents’ bedroom, and I would only see it out of my peripheral vision. Whenever I thought I was being watched, I turned directly to face it, and it would become this massive black ball, fly around the living room and disappear. This happened for 10 years.

One day, I fell asleep in my parents’ bedroom because I had a nightmare. I was roughly seven years old. I kept feeling something tug at my chest, almost as if it were trying to pull me up out of the bed. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe, like I was suffocating. I then realized that I wasn’t in my body anymore because I was floating above it, staring at it. I turned to face the door of my parents’ bedroom, and I saw a man with black eyes and dressed in all black staring at me. I was terrified, and I felt a pull, almost like I was being forced back to my body. I woke up gasping for air, like I hadn’t been breathing. I thought it was just a really bad dream. I couldn’t fathom that it might have really happened. Other things happened too, like the TV channel (the old school kind with the knob) would turn to random stations. Lights would flick on and off…and other things I won’t speak of.

Years later, my brother one day confirmed my fear. He was three and I’ll never forget him asking me “Sissy, who is that man right there?” and pointed directly to our parents’ bedroom. I froze in fear and asked him, “You see him too?” and my brother nodded and exclaimed how he didn’t like him.

Other things went astray with the mysterious man in black being there. My parents constantly fought, sometimes it would be physical. At one point, my dad pushed my mom down the stairs, and I realized how bad this was turning. Eventually, my parents divorced. On the day my dad left my mom, I saw the man in black walking down the street in front of our house. I was 15. He turned to look at me, kept walking, and then disappeared. I never saw him again.”

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  3. I implore you, please have someone check you and your brother for loitering entities. What you experienced was not a dream. It was, to the best of my understanding, and out-of-body experience wherein your astral/spiritual form left your body. When this happens, other entities become aware of the absence and will sometimes attempt to take hold of your body. Please, heed my warning. This entity maybe be inside of either you or your brother. Possibly worse though is that it is recruiting one or both of you. Not possessing you but manipulating the two of you to become as abject and evil as he.

  4. i just moved into my apartment and my daughter is stating that she see a man with a coat on and a little baby that i cant see. but for the first time yesterday i just seen a black shadow in my hallway

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