Reader Submission: Smoke and Shadows

smoke drifting

“I’ll start with a little about myself. My name is Emma, and I’m 19 years old. I currently live in Canada, in a town outside of Toronto. I had one or two small experiences when I was about 8 or 9 in my old house in Toronto. It was nothing scary. I just heard walking around and thought I saw my old pet cat a few days after she died.

About seven years later, I was at my ex-boyfriend’s house. Let’s just call him Jim. One day he was telling me how his house was haunted. I thought he was just messing with me so I didn’t really take him seriously. It was about three months into our relationship when strange things started to happen.

An Uneasy Feeling
The first weird thing that happened was when we were in Jim’s basement watching movies. Jim ran to the store down the street, leaving me there alone. I got a very uneasy feeling, like I was being watched. I stayed down in the basement by myself for maybe 15 minutes before it was too much to handle. I ran up the stairs because I felt like there was someone right behind me. The living room was big and had windows all along the front, so I could see the driveway and the front yard. I sat up there until Jim got home.

The Black Shape
A few weeks later, we were watching a movie in his room. I got up to grab some drinks from the kitchen which was at the end of a long hallway. I grabbed the drinks and started walking to his room, but then heard what sounded like someone walking behind me. Stopping, I turned around for no reason in particular, probably thinking it was just the floor boards creaking as I walked along. I’ve never been so wrong in my life. What I saw next scared the s*** out of me!

Just a few feet behind me was a black shape that almost looked like the silhouette of a person. It was tall and thin, but it had no feet. I stood there, eyes locked on the shape. The feeling I got from it wasn’t a good one. . . it was a feeling of hate, like I wasn’t welcome there. Next thing I know, the shape started moving towards me. I dropped everything and ran as fast as I could down the hall. I could hear my feet hitting the wood floor and what sounded like something running after me. I ran into Jim’s room and leaped on the bed. As I told him what happened, I thought my heart was going to break through my chest. I didn’t go back his place for a few weeks after that, but I somehow managed to build my courage and return.

Strange Smoke
I had gotten in a fight with my parents and needed some time away from them. Jim offered to let me stay at his house for a few days. I had nowhere else to go so I took him up on his offer. I still had the uneasy feeling of being watched, but ignored it the best I could.

One day, we had ordered a pizza and were sitting in the living room, just talking. I went out for a smoke, and after I finished I joined Jim back inside. As we watched TV on the sofa, I happened to look down and see what appeared to be smoke coming out of my clothes. At first, it was only coming from my shirt, but it then started to come from everything I was wearing so I ran to the room and changed and it finally went away. As you can probably guess, I was freaked out. I had been a smoker for two years and that had never happened to me.

Brushing it off, I went back to the living room to watch the movie Jim had put on. From the corner of my eye, I saw a black shape move across the ceiling. Looking up, I saw it again, and it looked like fog/smoke about the size of a basketball. I stared at the shape, watching it move along the room. I looked at Jim and said ‘Please tell me you can see that, or am I just going crazy?’. He looked over and saw it right away. We sat there watching it move around the room, and the thing that scared me was that from time to time the shape would get right up in our faces, just a few inches away. We could see through it and it looked like cigarette smoke. I didn’t get the feeling it wanted to harm us. It didn’t feel evil like the thing I saw a few weeks before, and it went away right before the pizza guy got there.

Visitor in the Night
A few hours later, Jim was fast asleep and I woke up with a panicked feeling. I sat up and looked around the room, but it was dark, unnaturally dark, and I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. The weird part was that the curtains were open, but it was like the street lights which normally lit up the whole room couldn’t get in. I also heard what sounded like someone walking down the hall way. This is going to sound really childish, but I laid back down and covered my head with a blanket.

A few minutes later, it sounded like someone was trying to get into Jim’s room, like they were struggling with the door handle. I heard the creak of the door opening, and I froze trying not to breathe too loud. It sounded like someone walked around the room and then stopped at the end of the bed. I then felt weight at the end of the bed, beside my feet. Not thinking, I screamed, waking up Jim. I told him what happened, so he ran out into the hall and looked all through the house, but no one was there. It was just us.

Did Something Follow?
Ever since those things happened at Jim’s house, it feels like something’s been following me. I’ve only lived in my house in Holland Landing for five years, and I never felt anything strange until I went to Jim’s place. At first, it would just be the same uneasy feeling, but it quickly escalated. I would start to hear my name being called when I was home alone and see dark shadows moving around the house. From time to time, I would find things in my room moved around. I had a wall of my room covered in old photos of family and friends, and I would come home and find half of the pictures face down on the opposite side of the room or I’d find my things all around the house. It’s been over two years since we broke up, and strange things are still happening. I can hardly sleep in my room because it feels like someone is standing beside my bed, just staring.

Another interesting thing I found out from Jim’s mom is that his great grandpa was a long-term smoker who died of lung cancer. Do you think that could be why I saw the ball of smoke and the smoke coming from my clothing? If anyone can give me some advice it would be awesome. I just want whatever this is to leave me alone.”

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10 thoughts on “Reader Submission: Smoke and Shadows

  1. What you could do is pray to St. Michael to send angels to protect you and ask St. Michael to cleanse the house. If that doesn’t work get some ‘sage’ from a new wave type place where they sell insensce and buy sage and walk around your house slowly with having lit the sage on fire and blow out the flame so it is smoking and cleansing as you walk around praying to God in Jesus’s name to remove all the evil spirits. Just a suggestion.

  2. I have had the same experience and see the same things… I will send you an email. So happy to know that I am not the only one.

  3. My little brother once told me how he was fast asleep one night and felt something nudge him awake. When he awoke there was a large black silhouette like the one you describe. He said it stood over his bed for what seemed like forever. When he went to get up and run out of the room the silhouette turned and vanished into our closet. The two are probably nothing alike. Just reminded me of a story from a while back.

  4. When you feel something watching you or you feel something not good say “I rebuke in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST” and I order you to leave this house this will really works! And just keep saying it! Anything you would like to ask me please just ask

  5. Father Jack Ashcraft is a trained and sanctioned exorcist, you can contact him on his website, The Barefisted Cleric. Do not wait, do it now.

  6. Your stories are very chilling Emma. I am not an expert or even a novice in paranormality, i would like to think however that i am well versed in spiritual knowledge. I find that your events primarily took place surrounding Jims existance and that he also observed some of the same things you did. The next step, possibly is that while in a relationship with Jim and in his home, your events escalated in aggrevation and hostility. A viable reason for this is that the entities around you knew something about Jim that you did not at the time. What is scary about the paranormal is that the intent is never clearly known. And humanity us nothing if not predictable, we fear what we do not know. My opinion, opinion mind you, is that you entered a relationship with an un-ideal partner and the entities bound to that area attempted to discourage your presence there for your own sake. The last entity, the ball of smoke and shadow I believe, displayed no hostility and I believe that is the spirit that followed you out of the relationship. I think it may be watching over you, making its presence known now to remind you that you dont have to be alone. Maybe even trying to help you find your soulmate. It is scary but fear is in the mind. The best of luck to you in life.

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