Reader Submission: The Possession

woman possessed

“When I was serving in Thailand during the Vietnam War, I was stationed in a little town on the Thai-Laos-Cambodian border. I was living with my soon to be wife in a bungalow in town when our neighbor, a Laotian girl, became possessed by an evil spirit, or so I was told. She was so bad they had to call in special monks in white robes to pray over her. My girlfriend/wife wanted to go over there and see the exorcism, but before she went she told me ‘don’t come over for any reason.’

Instead, since I was on a day off, I sat on my porch drinking whisky and getting drunk as I used to do in those days, as there wasn’t much else to do. Later, one of my girlfriend’s friends came by and asked for her, and forgetting what I was told, I went over to the house where the exorcism was going on.

As I went up the steps to the upper floor bungalow, I walked up to the screen door and looked in and heard the girl, who was standing naked on her bed screaming, stop yelling and point to something just inside the door! She said, ‘There it is!’ in perfect English! I was standing there with my face to the screen door and suddenly I felt as if my face was stuck in a freezer and something was standing there looking at me! The hackles rose on my neck and arms, and my wife, who was sitting just inside the screen door, screamed, ‘Run!’

To this day, I know something left the possessed girl to come take a look at me, and I was stone cold sober when I got back across the street. This happened in Korat, Thailand in 1969. I had a lot of strange things happen to me in the three years I was in Thailand!”

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  1. The wife knew it would want him somehow. Could it be because he was American or a man?

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