Reader Submission: Cemetery Fright (Pics)

cemetery ghost picture

“Two friends and I went on a ghost tour to the West Wallsend Cemetery in Newcastle. We took a lot of photos and on getting home and checking them, we saw that we had captured all sorts of orbs of different shapes and sizes.

The most disturbing photo was of my girl friend Mel. I took a photo of her sitting in the far rear corner of the cemetery, but I couldn’t see anything because it was pitch black. When the flash went on and lit her up, I could see the bench she was sitting on and the surrounding bush land. We heard twigs snapping in the bush behind her, but assumed it was possums or some other wild life and thought nothing of it.

After a few days, I put the memory card into my computer to check the photos, and I was gob smacked. It was creepy and awful. Mel appeared to have a slit throat with blood gushing from the wound down her top. Her hands were bloodied as well, and her face was a little distorted. There were a few orbs above her, and high in the trees was a ghostly figure with an evil face peering down at my camera lens. It was the freakiest thing I have ever seen. We have been told that in the late 1800’s there was a man murdered in or near the cemetery.”

Here are the photos mentioned in the account. What do you make of them?

haunted cemetery photo

cemetery ghost picture




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3 thoughts on “Reader Submission: Cemetery Fright (Pics)

  1. If you’re having difficulties with a spirit that is having a hard time transitioning and it is disturbing your everyday life, try this amazing CD. It cleared my apartment of the spirits that were plaguing me when I first moved in.

  2. Next time bring offeings of white candles and whiskey or rum with 9 pennies to the dead and the Keeper of the dead in the Gateway.

    Any violent or bad spirits will be crossed over by the white candle. But….where is this photo sge speaks of? I don’t see it here.

  3. Yeah, I hate to tell you but those orbs are just the light reflecting on particles in the air. Given that it was a cemetery in Germany probably just moisture/condensation or particulates (like dust). This is a common phenomena in personal cameras and the orbs in your pictures are a perfect example of them. Especially in under utilized places like old buildings, parks or cemetery’s and/or cameras that are kept in purses and pockets you’ll see these.

    You can look it up on Wikipedia for an explanation of the effect. Orbs are the silliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. People just WANT so desperately to believe they’ve seen something and they don’t know much about natural science, photography or science.

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