Reader Submission: Ghosts in the Night

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Many people believe that ghosts are most active at night, and the stories below certainly support that theory. Here are three creepy tales from the same reader who submitted “The Possession.” Enjoy!

A Cousin’s Goodbye

“When I was 11 years old, I had a cousin named Patricia who was my best friend. We played together, and my sister played with her younger sister Betty. Patricia got sick and went to Grady hospital.

One night my mom and dad went to visit Patricia in the hospital, and my sister and I stayed home. I was asleep in my bed and in a waking dream when Patricia came and kissed me on my right cheek and told me she loved me but had to go. I remember wondering how she did that when my bed was up against the wall, but she kissed me on my cheek with a cold kiss.

When my parents came home, my dad stood in the doorway of my bedroom and said ‘Son wake up, I have to tell you that Patricia died tonight!’ And I said, ‘No she didn’t daddy, cause she was just here and kissed me!’ My dad said ‘You were just dreaming son’ and turned out the light. I’m 63 now, but I remember this like it was yesterday, and I believe I will see her again someday!”

Scream in the Night

“My wife’s second husband died on Dec 22, 2002, and we didn’t go to the funeral because my wife was badly treated by her second husband of 15 years. His name was Carl.

ghost screamOne night, approximately two nights after his death at 3:00 a.m., we were awakened by a horrible, bloodcurdling scream that came from our bedroom door! We both sat up and switched on the lights and looked around. The dogs were looking at the door. The one dog that slept on her bed just inside the door had ran downstairs and was looking back up while the other two dogs were standing up and staring at the door.

We sat there on the side of the bed after looking around the house and finding nothing and realized we were both thinking the same thing. We believed it was Carl who was faced with the realization of how he had treated Phyllis and that he’d been made to feel the way he’d made her feel and that it hit him all at once. Even though he was dead, we heard him scream that night!”

A Haunted Trailer

“My mother lived in a trailer in Dawsonville, GA, and for three months in 2008 I went and stayed with her to look after her and cook and clean. I had to sleep in one of the back bedrooms, and every night after I went to sleep, I was awakened by a dog barking behind the wall near my head. Also, many times while I was on the phone, someone would knock on the back door. When I went to the door to see who it was, there would be nobody there. My mother’s second husband and his dog Missy haunted the place. I am sure of it.”

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