Reader Submission: A Penny a Day


“I have been finding a penny a day for years and years! I have found pennies in the strangest places and at the strangest moments.

When it first started, I was working at the railroad and I had gone about 45 days of finding a penny every day until one day I got sick at work and had to go home with the flu. I walked in my front door thinking ‘I haven’t found my penny today,’ and I knew I was going to bed because I felt awful! However, because I got too dirty working at the railroad, I had to take a shower before I got in bed, even though I was sick. So I took off my clothes and got in the shower, all the while thinking ‘I haven’t found my penny for today!’ Suddenly, I heard a coin drop behind me in the shower. I turned around, and there in the bathtub with me was a shiny penny!

My wife’s explanation was that there was a penny on the bed and when I sat on the bed, the penny stuck to my naked butt and when I got in the shower I washed it off. I told her that may be so, but all I know is when I asked for my daily penny it fell into the bathtub with me! I have been finding pennies every day since then, and I take it as God’s notice to me that I should trust in him every day because it says on the penny ‘In God we Trust.’ The penny is God’s way of reminding me every day to trust in Him!”

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3 thoughts on “Reader Submission: A Penny a Day

  1. Or it’s Papa Legba’s notice. The Vodoun God of the Crossroads. People pay him three pennies at a Crossroads or Railroad which are his abodes.

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