Reader Submission: A Haunted House Turned Haunted Hotel

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“My family and I lived at a haunted property called Gladstone Villa in the former mining town of Bargoed in the South Wales Valleys during the 1970s. We experienced phenomena that simply defied rational explanation like footsteps in the bedroom when we would all be down stairs watching TV.

Living on the property were my grandparents, my mother, and me. My dad left home in 1972 when I was 3 years old, and my parents eventually divorced. My mother told me the noises started off in the attic soon after I was born and eventually moved into the main bedroom, which was my grandparents’ room. We would hear the noises, which sounded like someone walking about the bedroom, every evening, sometimes during the day.

A Medium’s Visit

A family friend, Mrs. France, who would visit the family every evening, did not believe my grandmother at first when she told her it was haunted, saying that the noises were caused by vibrations from the traffic outside. However, one evening she had her belief system challenged when she experienced the noises for herself. She suggested contacting the local press, but my grandmother refused for fear of ridicule.

Mrs. France said she knew of a medium, and he eventually came to Gladstone Villa. At first, the medium began by asking questions. He then started challenging the entity to perform by knocking on the ceiling to see if he would get a reaction. Sure enough, the spirit promptly knocked back at him! At one point, the medium went into a trance to try and make contact. He didn’t get a name, but he later confirmed the obvious: that there was indeed a presence in the house. He said it was an earthbound spirit.

A priest was also called, and he blessed the property, and he said some prayers, and it was quiet for a few short months. However, the spirit returned with a vengeance and this time decided to show itself.

The Hooded Monk and the Old Man

One evening, my mother, grandfather, and I were watching TV. My grandmother was reading a book on the settee when my mother just happened to look towards her and see the figure of a monk standing behind the sofa near the door way. We didn’t see the figure as we were watching TV, but she later described it as a figure with typical monk’s garb and a hood covering the face. There were more sightings after that, and the noises continued.

One afternoon, I remember my mother going towards the settee to get something when she looked to her left toward an open door that led to the hallway. I saw the expression on her face, one of confusion, as if she had seen someone. She told me she saw an old man with white hair looking into the living room. She said it was a face she didn’t know.

Poltergeist Activity

There was also some minor poltergeist activity. I recall one day my grandfather coming into the living room from upstairs with a broken bottle. He said it was thrown towards him, just missing him. I didn’t actually witness this, but I’m inclined to believe him. There were more incidents, but we didn’t hear strange sounds all the time. When we did, we would turn the TV down to hear the sounds more clearly. It sounded like someone walking about in the bedroom. My grandfather would try to point out exactly where it was by saying ‘He’s by here,’ ‘He’s by there now.’ We had the ghost for so long that my grandmother gave it a name. She called him Johnny. My grandfather would sometimes mock the spirit by shouting ‘Johnny oh.’

The Haunted Redz Parc Hotel

We left Gladstone Villa in June 1978, after two local business men bought the property. It was eventually converted into a hotel and is now called Redz Parc Hotel. I had my 40th birthday there for old time’s sake, and the staff told me of the ghost before I said anything. I told them I lived there in the 1970s, and they told me of their own experiences. Johnny the Ghost is still there! Apparently, there have been sightings in Room 5.

What I have said here is true, and I wouldn’t say it if I couldn’t possibly back it up with evidence. My family and the staff at Redz Parc Hotel and the people that stayed there cannot all be lying. My grandmother sadly passed away in 1982, but my mother, my grandfather, and I still remember the haunting and wouldn’t want to go through all that again.”

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  1. My experiences came from places I’ve lived or friends lived. In one particular place the lights would turn on by themselves the radio would turn on full blast at all hours of the night, the water would turn itself on in the bathroom sink flooding it so it dripped down into the kitchen below 9ausing the cieling to collapse. (The water was turned off to that sink as the drain pipe underneath burst and had to be repaired!)Silverware would fly across the kitchen when I was the roomates son came knocking on my bedroom door early in the morning asking me what it was I wanted the night before. I looked at him puzzled asking what he was talking about. He said well you came to my room last night what did you want? I told him I wasn’t in his room it must have been his mom. He said no I already thasked her and she said it must have been you. (We looked enough alike a lot of people thought we were sisters!) He insisted I was there stating adamantly that I just stood beside his bed staring down at him, that’s when I knew it was a “former resident” as I am 5’2″ and this would have been an impossible task as the boy had bunk beds & he slept in the top bunk! There was more than one spirit there the one in my room used to steal my cigarettes. Id leave a full pack on the night stand and in the morning there would be 1 cigarette in the pack. This happened quiteso frequently

    • I just read your about your experience. Sounds almost like my own. Other things went on at my childhood home I have not put in the story, it would be too long, but like your own personal experiences, things went missing at Gladstone villa. The lights would also go off and on.

  2. Mrs france was my grandmother sadly she has passed away but my mother (her daughter inlaw) remembers this very well, my nan spent many of evenings down ur house with ur grandmother rita, my nan told my mother about all the paranormal activity there, such as 1 night whe you was a baby you was sleeping in your cot and they had 2 send for my nan 2 come and help get you out of the bedroom as the activity was so strong, and one evening something brushed passed them on the stairs that was shoulder height and felt fury.

    • Hi Victoria, yes, it’s all true. I know your family, I remember Tammy, your nan ivy used to bring her down the Gladstone villa way back in the 1970’s. Her Dad was Charlie Flello, he died recently. I remember he used to be married to Susan. The staff at Redz parc hotel have reported to me that they have had experiences. Please email me on, as I’m closing down my facebook account. I looked into the history of the property, It’s a very old building, I traced back to the 1920’s. The Kimmiett family were there, their four month old baby son Elvin died there, my mother Caroline and granddad Bill claimed to hear the baby crying, I didn’t hear it so I never took much notice of what they said, until I read the documents in the local newspapers about the baby dying there. Hope to hear from you in the email, I very rarely go on here.

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