Ghost Picture of the Day: The Woman in the Bathroom

ghost woman bathroom

This strange pic, originally posted on, purportedly shows a woman’s ghost lurking behind an infant. Per the photographer, there was no one else in the bathroom at the time of the photo, nor is there a mirror in the room. Even more disturbing, there isn’t enough space for a person to stand where the figure appears. Here’s another look at the bathroom:


What do you think of the creepy image? Frightening? Fake? Frighteningly fake? I’m curious about why a piece of the floor seems to appear on the wall near the ghost.

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One thought on “Ghost Picture of the Day: The Woman in the Bathroom

  1. That picture could be really creepy depending on the disposition of the entity itself. With a baby involved I sincerely pray that its a harmless friendly one. I have had plenty of paranormal experiences myself having lived in several haunted houses and have visited friends in their haunted houses. I wish to tell all the non believers to move into a haunted house themselves and see just how long it takes them to change their minds!

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