Reader Submission: Something Evil Came


“My mother was an LPN for 35 years, and she witnessed a lot of things during those years. She told me several stories, but one that sticks out in my memory is something that happened during the graveyard shift at a state-run hospital.

One night, a patient was dying and kept screaming ‘He’s coming to get me. Please don’t let him take me.’ They finally calmed her down, and the patient rested soundly after being sedated. Or so they thought.

Within a matter of minutes, a rotten smell permeated the room and the room got very hot. The thermostat was set at 70 degrees, but the gage said it was 95. All of a sudden, the patient sat straight up in bed, let out one loud, terrifying scream, and then fell over in the bed dead! Once that happened, the rotten smell disappeared within a few minutes and the temperature dropped back down to the thermostat setting.

A maintenance man checked the thermostat the next morning and said there was nothing wrong with it. My mother was a Christian who had no doubt that something very evil came for the dying woman that night. She said the look of sheer terror in the poor dying woman’s eyes convinced her that what this woman experienced was all too real.”

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  1. Just watched Paranormal Witness on 7/17/13 concerning The Angel Of Death and how many health care workers have sensed or even seen this entity when someone is close to dying. The people become absolutely terrified and the workers do notice a change in the atmosphere in the room before and afterwards. Was very interesting.

    • A dying person would not feel terror about the presence of the angel of death, unless they have reason to. The angel’s task is to assist the soul in transition from life to afterlife, and if you’re found wanting, it will not be pleasant.

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