5 Haunted Skating Rinks in the U.S.

haunted skating rinks

Skating rinks and ghosts seem an unlikely combination, but at least five rinks in the U.S. have a haunted reputation. Perhaps the Hockey Pockey is what it’s all about?

Milford Skating Rink, Milford, DE
The Milford Skating Rink has employed dozens since opening its doors in 1982. However, it seems some are reluctant clock out for good. According to the rink’s current owners, skates at the rental counter tumble off their racks and then land right side up on the counter several feet away. The owners believe it is the spirit of a former employee tending to the equipment. Cold spots also plague the rink’s DJ booth, and music blares even when all of the gear is off. A popular DJ manned the booth before dying unexpectedly. Is he responsible for the strange activity?

Skatin’ Place, St. Cloud, MN
Alleged paranormal events at Skatin’ Place include lights that turn on in the middle of the night, arcade games that inexplicably switch on and off, heavy footsteps on the roof, and even face in the air vent. Legend has it a boy died in the marsh near Skatin’ Place before the rink’s construction. However, there’s no proof of his existence.

Roller Skating Rink, Pinellas County, FL
The women of the Deadly Rival Roller Derby team in Pinellas County, FL have long believed their home rink is haunted. There’s a bathroom light that refuses to stay off, unexplained voices in empty rooms, and odd cold spots throughout the building. Even more chilling, a team member recently saw a shadowy figure crawl across the floor as she was closing up for the evening. Another woman saw movement through the door after locking up.

SilverWings, El Campo, TX
One SilverWings customer claims to have seen a ghost at the rink and has the pictures to prove it! The customer snapped two pics just after her mother had fallen and in both photos a shadowy figure lurks nearby. The figure apparently resembled a man in 1970s-era clothing.

RollerWorld, Topsham, ME
The paranormal activity at RollerWorld is similar to the activity of other haunted rinks. Eerie events include stomping sounds on the roof and dead employees that refuse to leave. The owner also complains of quarters and dimes that reappear in the same spot and the sound of slamming doors in the empty parking lot. According to one psychic who visited the rink, a pocket of negative energy in the corner causes customers to fall.

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