Ghost Picture of the Day: The Figure in Black

ghost photo australia

In 2011, the Poultney family visited Port Arthur, Australia’s Trentham Cottage and snapped a few photos. The figure above appeared in one of their shots. The Poultneys told a reporter the cottage was empty at the time of the pic and that they have no idea who, or what, the man might be.¬†Port Arthur is a former convict settlement and was the site of a major massacre in 1996. What do you believe?

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4 thoughts on “Ghost Picture of the Day: The Figure in Black

  1. I would like to think its paranormal but not knowing who took the pic and the circumstances around it, I really can’t say, if it is, and if they know it is, it is a phenomenal picture

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  3. i cant tell how tall he is but if he’s round about 7ft tall then that is THE HAT MAN and evil lurks where he is seen.

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