Reader Submission: Blasts from the Past

Death on the Wagon Train
“When I was small, I had a realistic dream that I was a child in a wagon train and we were attacked by Indians. I remember being a little child, like 12, and one Indian pulled me out of the back of our wagon and slit my throat. I felt the blood as it flowed out of my neck and down my chest.

I’m 63 today, and I had this dream when I was 6 – 10 years old. It was so realistic that I can still remember the dream like it was yesterday. I believe I have lived many lives because I also reported for duty in Thailand in 1968 and instead of experiencing culture shock like the rest of my outfit, I felt right at home and contented and learned to speak Thai in about 10 months!”

A Dinosaur in the Woods
“When I was walking in the woods one day in the 100-acre woods behind our house, I saw a dinosaur. I was probably 10 or 12, but I was walking along down the path to the creek thinking about dinosaurs as I did a lot in those days. I was a child fascinated by history and fossils and dinosaurs.

I believe that my focused thinking created the dinosaur in front of me, as I stopped suddenly in my tracks and saw a long-necked dinosaur eating leaves off the top of a small tree. I stood there not believing what I was looking at all the while knowing I was seeing it! I bolted back home and told my mom I had seen a dinosaur in the woods, and she laughed at me. I believe today, at age 63, that my focused thinking created something out of time and space and put it in front of me because I was thinking about it so hard.”

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