Reader Submission: The Noise in the Woods

woods at night

“I’ve been a skeptic pretty much my whole life. I was always the first one to think of a ‘scientific explanation’ for everything. But I have my doubts.

It was a late night, in the heat of summer. My sister was helping me clean my bedroom because she was staying to visit for a while. We were sitting on the floor, chatting about this and such, when we were both cut short. From outside my window came a noise.

Now, I live right on the edge of the woods in East Tennessee, and I’ve become familiar with all the sounds.  Coyotes, owls, locusts, deer, I’ve heard it all before. But this wasn’t like that. No, no this was much different. This was much worse.

My sister and I looked at each other. I could feel my skin prickle, and I watched as the blood drained from my sister’s face. This noise felt wrong. So, so wrong. It was indescribable, something I had never in my life heard before.

We were both silent for a minute, just listening. However, my sister has always been the most sensible out of both of us. After a minute, she just looked at me and said ‘Probably just a cat fight. That’s a cat fight.’ And with that, she continued her work. I was not going to be so easily convinced.

This noise was evil. It gave me chills. This was NOT a cat fight. If I had to describe it, I would say it was like a coyote and a cat mixed together. Then add a human scream. Then add a growling, snarling noise. The result was one of the scariest things I have ever experienced. To this day, just thinking about it makes my blood run cold.”

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