Reader Submission: Visit from a Ghost Cat?


“I don’t know if you know anything about this, but it’s been on my mind a lot lately and I need to find out more about what happened.

Pressure and Tugs in the Night
In 2010, I moved to Phillipsburg, NJ. I never really experienced anything paranormal until this past year. I believe it was April of 2013. I’d been sleeping in my room when all of a sudden, at around 5:45 a.m., I felt this pressure at the foot of my bed.

At first, I thought my dog had come in and was trying to get up on the bed and I was just feeling her paws, but I could see that my door was still closed. The pressure kept happening on and off every few seconds, like something was pushing on my bed. Then, it moved closer to me, and instead of pressing on my bed it started pulling on a blanket that was hanging down to the floor. It started as light tugging and got more powerful with each pull. It got so strong that it almost started pulling me off the bed with the blanket. I was so terrified at this point that I pulled the blanket up off the floor and looked down. Of course, there was nothing there. I was absolutely horrified and had to move to a different room to be able to fall asleep again.

The Pressure Returns
Nothing like that happened again for a while. Then, either late June or early July of this year, it happened again. This time it was about 8:00 in the morning. For my own personal reasons, I had moved my mattress into a different room for a while. At around 8:00, I felt the slight pushing on the bed again. I only let it happen twice this time before I looked up and saw nothing there and the feeling stopped. It hasn’t happened again since then, but that doesn’t mean it won’t.

Ghost Cat?
The pressure I’ve felt isn’t a lot. It’s not like someone’s lying or sitting on the bed. It’s in a very small, specific area of the bed like someone or something is pushing on it with their hands/feet/paws/etc. The only thing my mother and I have been able to come up with is that it might be my cat. My brother got a kitten when he was four – and I was born when my brother was seven – so I had the cat throughout my entire life and she was older than me when she died. I loved that cat very much, and I still miss her.

In fact, the first time it happened I had a dream about the cat before I woke up and felt the pressure. I tend to have these recurring dreams where Figaro (my cat) is what I call a “zombie cat.” She’s not decayed and looking to eat brains, but in the dreams I know she’s dead but has somehow been brought back to life though I don’t know how. She acts very differently in these dreams, too, like she’s slower, dumber, and doesn’t fully understand things.

My cat has been dead since December of 2008, and I’ve never had a paranormal experience I could attribute to her. The house I live in now, where I had these experiences, is not even a house Figaro lived in. If it is my cat, why would it take her almost five years to come to me? How did she know where I was? Also, both times I was terrified. Figaro loved me as much as I loved her. Why would she scare me like that? I don’t mean that she was trying to scare me, but if it was her why didn’t I feel comfortable or feel flooded with memories of her? I don’t feel like the presence there is threatening me, but it is very creepy, eerie, and frightening all the same.

I just kind of wanted to get some other opinion(s) on whether this really might be something paranormal or something that’s just in my head. If you could give me any piece of wisdom that would be helpful.”

Well everyone, what do you think? Has anyone out there experienced something similar?

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4 thoughts on “Reader Submission: Visit from a Ghost Cat?

  1. I think it was your cat if you really loved her then no matter where u are she will be there!! My sister had a pitbull for 14 years since she was born and she loved her very very much she passed away 2 years ago but she’s always comes back and lays on my sisters bed my sister has seen her too and she got sacred the first time but then my sister new it was her Dog!!!

  2. I lived in a haunted house for awhile. It was an old farm house in unincorporated Naperville. There were lots of weird things that happened and when I told my parents they did not believe me. For instance after making my bed there was a humanoid impression in my bed and I could not move the sheets to “unwrinkle” the sheet. Any way I would get these weird feelings in the middle of the night so I verbally describe my day at school or plans I made with my friends and it made and the strange feelings subsided. Any way before I moved out my dad let it slip that a man committed suicide in my room after his wife divorced him…. Great….. any way……
    The only advice I can give is living with a ghost is a lot like living with a roommate. Things happen and of course because you can not explain them they freak you out. Now ghost were people at one point; there are good ghost, bad or “evil” ghost, and just plain dicks that like attention. I think this ghost is the last variety. It seems to be messing with you. Just deal with it as you would deal with a person. Now I see that this post is over a year old and you may not need any more but there it is.

  3. I, too, have a ghost cat. I am certain that it is Cookie, my deceased cat of five or so years. Only recently has she come back to “visit” — also jumping on the bed and kneading me in the middle of the night as cats do. At first I was afraid, but now I welcome her visits and wonder where she’s gone if she hasn’t jumped on the bed for a few nights. I think that if you call your cat by his name and tell him it’s okay, he will be less feisty (i.e., pulling covers) to get your attention. Just let him know you are aware of his presence, and see if you can coax him to keep it gentle and as un-scary as possible. Contrary to your zombie-cat dreams, I believe they come back understanding more, not less, of what we try to tell them. Good luck with Figaro, and consider yourself truly lucky and honored to have a pet loyal enough to want to stay with you, even after your move and (moreover) after life itself. Cats are amazing, magical creatures, aren’t they?

  4. p.s. Please update me/us on what is happening with your ghost cat! I am curious if he has stayed around.

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