Ghost Photo of the Day: The Little Girl in the Cemetery

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“On May 3rd, 2003, I was at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Scottsboro, AL at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon taking photos.

The sky was a dark grey and I could hear thunder rumbling not too far away. I knew it was time to wrap it up. I started to make my way back to my car when I noticed a grave I had never seen before.

It looked like a concrete slab with four-inch walls all the way around, and inside there was approximately three inches of water which reflected the name and date of the individual buried there. It was very unusual, so I took one last picture and just made it to my car in time when the skies opened up.

Later that evening, I downloaded my pictures to my computer. As I studied the unusual “water grave,” I noticed something very bright in the background of the photo. I blew up the photo and to my amazement, there was a small child (a girl I believe) looking back at me.

As an investigator, the first thing I tried to do was to debunk the photo. I thought perhaps the sun had appeared through the clouds momentarily when I snapped the picture. I soon dismissed that notion because the sun was simply not out that day. You can tell that by looking at the headstones in the photo; none of them is casting a shadow.

Next, I thought it was an optical illusion due to the light and a break in the bushes. I was nearly convinced that had to be the case except for one tiny little problem…no matter how hard I tried I could not account for the little white hand resting on the headstone before her, and over the past 10 years, neither could anyone else.”

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5 thoughts on “Ghost Photo of the Day: The Little Girl in the Cemetery

    • No I’m not sure it is a little girl, that was simply my first impression. She is one of the best/clear ghosts I’ve caught.

  1. its another grave or tomb stone . partially covered that’s all chek it out now that u read this.

    • No, There is not another tombstone there. I have several other photos of the same place without the apparition in it. Besides, even if it was another tombstone (which it is not), it still would not account for the little white hand on the stone in front of her. If you’d like to see some other photos of that area when the girl is gone, please leave me your email address and I’ll be happy to send them too you.

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