Reader Submission: The Falling Saw


“To start off, my friend Amanda and I always have weird things happening around us whether we are together or not; more so when we’re together. We do try to find logical reasons for the things that happen, but we don’t always succeed. The latest incident was yesterday afternoon, and I’m sharing this to get other opinions on what happened in hopes that someone can find something we didn’t.

The Antique Store

Yesterday afternoon, Amanda and I decided that after her dance rehearsal we would stop by an old antique store, since we were in that town. I personally had never been there and she had only been once before. She did warn me that last time she had gone upstairs to look around when a radio turned on by itself in the next room. There was no one else up there with her. She did take a look, but found no one.
Thinking nothing of it, I went with her this time thinking if anything it was a fluke. We walked around downstairs and I felt like someone was watching me, but there were a lot of people around so I brushed it off. We finally got to the stairs which was a grand staircase. I think it was about 25 steps, maybe more with walls on both sides. When we got to the landing, we decided to go left thinking we’ll save the right side for later.

A Sense of Unease

The left was pretty empty and looked like it was used as older storage. It had four rooms, kinda reminding me of a hotel or brothel with the way it was setup. The feeling of being watched started getting stronger the longer we stayed up there. I started to get a little nervous and told Amanda so. She brushed it off as me being paranoid because of her story and all the people around. At that point, I pointed out we were the only ones upstairs at the moment.

The Falling Saw

We kept going until we finished the entire left side and started walking to the next section. We crossed the stair landing and walked up the next five steps to the section on the right side of the building. We stopped for a moment at the top of the steps, and I asked if last time she felt like she had been watched. As she took a step away from me to look at something, I suddenly felt like she should NOT leave my side. On instinct I took a step to follow her around the half-wall when a giant logging saw fell between us, blade facing us. She turned as she felt the air rush past her and gasped. I stopped dead in my tracks.

The handle of the logging saw shattered the glass shelf that was across the hall and over half the stuff that had been on the shelf. I took one look at Amanda and then the glass on the floor and felt like something else was going to happen. I ran down the stairs to my right and yelled out that something had fallen and that glass was broken. The manager of the store came running up the steps, took one look at Amanda, who had not moved at all, apologized for the saw having startled us, and asked if we were okay. I had gotten a few minor scratches from the glass flying everywhere, mostly on my legs and arms. Amanda was untouched.


At first, we thought maybe it was the flooring that had knocked the saw out. But when we took a look a moment later, there was no reason for it to have moved and it had looked stable a moment earlier. The way the glass broke also looked odd. All the glass had moved in my direction. The shelf and the floor where more sloped and pointed towards Amanda, not me.

Later, after we had left the store, Amanda told me that when the logging saw fell she felt like if she moved or looked anywhere else something else would happen. I told her that I felt that if I stayed put something else was going to fall as well. Between the timing of the falling saw (which definitely would have hit one of us if she had been a minute slower or if I had been quicker) and the glass we figured something was up. So, before we go back there, I want to know what other people think.”

Well, readers, what do you think? What happened in the antiques store? Should she go back?

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4 thoughts on “Reader Submission: The Falling Saw

  1. If Paranormal occurrences of this type happen to them all the time or most of the time I think they should see a Shaman or a Priest of some sort and figure out why that is. And that shop clearly isnt very safe.

    If they return there they should each carry a protective stone as well as holy water. If they can pin point the direction of the energy (where it will attack next) I would throw some of the water on the spirit or spirits to neutralize them.

    This is also a test, I will not reveal what it is until I’m sure. For now I’m curious to see the results of said test.

  2. We did go back, and not much happened at first. The store was pretty crowed though. We stayed there for about two hours, hoping it would clear up some; until neither of us could stand it anymore from the headaches we both had developed. As we were leaving Morgan, who was upstairs, was nearly pushed down them. we are not sure if it was due to the headache, and sense of being watched for two hours or something else. But Amanda had been taunting what ever, if anything was there.
    Also Amanda was carrying a blessed cross, and Morgan was carrying Quartz, Amethyst, and Tiger eye. All protective stones

  3. Demonic activity. VERY BAD, taunting this thing. It seems to have singled you out. You are very lucky if this thing does not follow you home. If it does, you need to contact an exorcist that is trained and sanctioned by the church. Father Jack Ashcraft.

  4. It might be a good idea to research the history if the store. Something significant may have happened there that pertains to one or both of you. Certainly be catious if you intend to return there. Just through reading your account, I sense a special gift the two of you posess. You have stated that other occurrences have taken place with the two of you, I would suggest that you speak with local religious leaders, or if you are not religious, check with paranormal experts or consult the vast knowledge on the internet and in books. Something is certainly special about the two of you. I hope you find what it is

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