Ghost Photo of the Day: The Figure in Black


Here’s a new pic from’s paranormal community. First, the background story:

“This¬†photo¬†was taken at a wedding by a friend of a colleague. The wedding party was held at an old farm in Norway, famous for being the former home of M. Munthe (a children’s book author). There was no one present at the wedding wearing black, and the picture was taken by one of the guests. The professional photographer had no ‘natural’ explanation for the ‘figure.’ He hadn’t seen any camera ‘glitch’ like it before, and they said no one else was standing where the figure is standing. So what do you think? Could this be something…real?”

The folks on Reddit have several theories to explain the figure in black ranging from slow shutter speed to the ghost of Margaret Munthe appearing to protest (or celebrate) the same-sex wedding. Check out the discussion here. What do you make of the pic?

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