Reader Submission: Man on the Water


In Texas, there’s a park in Granbury on the lake called Hunter Park. One night when I was about 12, we went camping out there. It was me, my brother Cody, my mom, and her boyfriend. Cody claims to have seen something that night after we all went to bed that I still can’t explain.

The two of us were fishing really late at night. I went to bed at about midnight. Cody says that about an hour later he was pulling in his lines so he could also go to sleep when he looked up and saw a man in the water about 10 feet away. That’s a little strange, but it gets worse. He said the man was standing ON the water. This person was dressed like a cowboy from what he remembers of it.

The man looked straight at him, and Cody said it seemed like he didn’t even know that my brother was there, like he was looking through him. Cody calmly, but quickly, reeled in his line and walked up to the car where I was and woke me up trying to tell me he just saw something. I was asleep and thought he was messing with me in the first place, so I mumbled something and went back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and he was telling my mom the same thing, and he was really freaked out about it. She didn’t believe him at first, but he had way too many details and was way too consistent to be making it up. She finally started to believe him a little.

By this time, he’d gotten past the little stint of lying that we all did as kids, and I know his imagination isn’t good enough to have made this all up. We went through some old information in the library about that area and learned that a cattle rustler had drowned there back in the late 1890s, before the lake existed. We even found a sketch of the man that Cody was describing.

Did my brother see a ghost? What did this man want with him? Did he even know that we were there? I’ve thought about this off and on for 15 years…”

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    • Would be tough to drown in a non-existent lake wouldn’t it? I’m guessing the reader meant to say before the park even existed?

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