Ghost Photo of the Day: The Orb by the Urn

ghost picture orb

This photo from shows a large orb near an urn containing the ashes of a family pet. Is it a coincidence or something more? What do you think of the whole “orbs are spirits” argument?

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3 thoughts on “Ghost Photo of the Day: The Orb by the Urn

  1. I’m not necessarily an “anti orb” person, but I rarely ever find them to be examples of spirits or paranormal at all. I know some people have their hearts set on believing the story of an orb… giving it a name… a personality… talking to them…. when in reality they need to clean their lenses or dust their house. 🙂 But I try to be as open and accepting to these beliefs. Some examples of “orbs” are definitely interesting. Sometimes I include them as evidence, but rarely ever claim they’re flat out paranormal. The fact that this one is right over the urn makes it “interesting”.

    • I am definitely not an orb person. I think this is the first orb picture I’ve posted. Finding pics to use takes forever sometimes. 🙂 I love the ones that say “you can clearly see a man/woman in blah, blah (very detailed description of clothing) and I see absolutely nothing in the photo. Some people have active imaginations.

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