True Ghost Stories Collected from Family and Friends (’90s Version)


I’ve always been interested in true ghost stories, and back in the pre-Internet days of yore I interviewed family and friends and wrote their experiences down in a notebook. Today, I found the notebook! Here are the first tales I collected nearly 20 years ago: one from me and four from my younger brothers. Enjoy!


“My brother Andy swears that when it’s dead quiet, like when he is off by himself tube fishing or just walking around in the woods, he hears a voice, or voices, calling his name. Supposedly, the voices sound like either me or our other brother, David. He claims to have heard these voices several times. David says he hears them sometimes too.”


A Tap on the Shoulder

“One time I was laying in bed trying to work up enough energy to get up for school, when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I swear I felt something. At the time, I thought it was my mom trying to get me up, so I yelled ‘I’m getting up!’ and turned around to look at her. There was no one there. I asked my mom later if she’d tapped me, but she said no. I don’t know if something really did tap me on the shoulder or if I was still half asleep and dreaming.”

Punch in the Back

“My brother David was on the top bunk bed almost asleep. The TV was on and my other brother, Andy, was also half asleep on the floor. Suddenly, David felt something punch him in the back. He jerked awake and called out, almost in tears. Andy said ‘What? What I’d do?’ He swears he didn’t do anything. Like the tap on the shoulder, David is not sure if he was only dreaming or if something really did punch him.”


The Rocking Chair

“Andy got up late one night and went to use the bathroom. When he looked into the living room on the way there, he saw the rocking chair moving by itself. He used the bathroom and when he looked in the living room again, the chair was still rocking by itself. He hurried back to his bedroom and tried to go back to sleep.”

Jurassic Park

“One night, Andy woke up because the fan fell over onto his head. Then he heard a noise. It sounded like a deep boom, sort of like thunder, or as Andy says, the dinosaur stomping on Jurassic Park. Boom. (Pause). Boom. (Pause). Boom. He tried to go back to sleep, but he was too scared. He heard this noise for about 15 minutes. He almost got up to wake our mom, and he called David’s name several times. Eventually the noises stopped and Andy went back to sleep.”


Are dinosaurs and ghost punches keeping you up at night? Share your creepy tales! Send them to!

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  3. I kinda want the Jurassic park thing to happen to me. Just so I could be all ‘it’s a t. Rex.

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