Ghost Photo of the Day: Unexpected Guest

ghost reflection

A reader recently submitted this photo. He writes:

“My daughter was taking a picture of the holiday spread, her reflection is the one on the left. The image on the right shows someone sitting in the chair but you can see the chair is pushed in. Everyone else is sitting in the living room.

My wife got a premonition of someone dying in the house when we were looking at buying the place. Went out to garage and found hospital bed. Then the realtor found out later that the owner’s wife had passed away in the house.”

So what does everyone think?

Has a ghost shown up at your holiday meal? Send your pics to or share your story here!

5 thoughts on “Ghost Photo of the Day: Unexpected Guest

  1. We realize it looks like a man, the woman was just another thing that happened. We have another living room where everyone was sitting.

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