True Ghost Stories Collected from Family and Friends, Part II


I’ve always been interested in true ghost stories, and back in the pre-Internet days of yore I interviewed family and friends and wrote their experiences down in a notebook. Yesterday, I found the notebook! In my first post, I shared a few stories from my younger brothers. Here’s a collection of tales from my quirky friend D. who never has a shortage of ghost tales. In fact, the Darth Vader tale comes from her. Love you, D!

Realistic Dream

“D. said that one night she had a dream about something she can’t really remember and woke up in the middle of the night. She saw a person, a stranger, who’d been her dream standing at the side of her bed, watching her. D. barely opened her eyes and saw the person before he/she disappeared. D.’s not sure if she was still dreaming or not.”


Disappearing Dad

“One time D. woke up in her bed and looked out the door into the hallway. She saw her dad walk by and also felt and heard the vibrations of the trailer home as he walked by. She then heard him go outside with a bag of dog food and feed the dogs. He came back inside and she then heard him put the bag away and start towards his bedroom at the back of the trailer. D. Says she heard her dad go by the door, but she never actually saw him. It was like he was invisible or something. A few minutes later, D. heard him in the bedroom so she knew for sure he was there.”

Noises in the Woods

“Once when D. was sitting alone in the woods behind her house, she heard the sound of horse hooves. She looked up, but there was nothing there. A few minutes later, she heard male laughter. She also felt like she was being watched. As far as D. knows, she was alone in the woods that day. She never did see a horse or person.”

woods at night

A Dream Prediction

D. claims she and her family are psychic and may have a sixth sense. She says she heard the victims in the Murrah Building screaming before they died. She says she heard this in a dream.

Things in the House

“D. claims to have heard several unexplained noises while alone in her home. For example, voices in other rooms, footsteps on the carpet, etc. She also says that when she was taking a shower one time she felt something squeezing the back of her neck. Later, she heard noises in the shower while she was going to the bathroom.

I once heard one of these ‘shower noises’ when I was at her house. It sounded like somebody was scuffing their feet along the bottom of the tub. It sounded too heavy to be an insect fluttering around like I first thought when D. told me her story. As far as I know, the shower noises and squeezing thing has stopped. D. occasionally hears the voices and footsteps still.


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3 thoughts on “True Ghost Stories Collected from Family and Friends, Part II

  1. You and your friends seem to have lots of strange occurrences. As for the horse hove sounds, sounds like a nasty nature spirit.

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  3. Interesting. My grandmother [still alive] & her mother had highly developed sixth senses. Neither have any mental issues – in fact the whole family is pretty sound of mind. Grandma was a genius investor to boot.

    My grandmother actually had one of her friends visit her in a dream and tell her goodbye – a week later the woman died peacefully in her sleep having never woken from her coma [a slip & fall, older woman]. I have had my own supernatural encounters – as has my brother whom with 12 other kids saw a ghost walk straight through a wall.

    Sometimes it is genetic.

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