True Ghost Stories from Family and Friends, Part III


I’ve always been interested in true ghost stories, and back in the pre-Internet days of yore I interviewed family and friends and wrote their experiences down in a notebook. I recently found my notes and shared a few tales from my younger brothers and a childhood friend. Here’s the third, and final, installment of the notebook stories. What do you think of them?

Face in the Window

“Kari said that a long time ago she and her sister Laura were in bed together, trying to sleep, when one of them looked at the window and saw a face. Soon the other one saw it, and they both started screaming. Their parents rushed in and turned on the lights. Their mom and dad said that ‘the face’ was something in the room reflecting off the glass in the window. But how could anything be ‘reflecting’ if the lights were off? After their parents left, the girls went back to sleep. They didn’t see the face again.”


The Door Ghost

“Kari says that at her house she sometimes hears the doors in the back room opening and closing. I wasn’t sure if I believed her until I went over there and saw/heard it for myself.

One time we were in her bedroom, sitting around doing nothing, when the door to her room opened a bit and then closed. It was like her dad had stuck his head in to check on us and then closed the door again. Kari said, ‘See, I told you!’ I was surprised because I was sure it had been her dad. Kari even went to ask him if he’d opened the door, but he said no.

Another time we were home alone, watching TV in the living room, when we heard a door in her parents bedroom close. We heard this several times. Neither one of us wanted to go back and investigate so we just stayed in the living room. A few minutes later, we heard it again while we were in the bedroom. That was all that I saw or heard of it.

One time Kari was home alone when she heard the door close. She thought someone was in the house and she got really scared and ran over to a neighbor’s house. She stayed there until her parents came home. All this happened a long time ago, and Kari hasn’t heard it recently.”



A friend of mine, Hidi, has an aunt that lives in a large, old house with many rooms. Supposedly, a ghost they call Fred is responsible for some weird stuff. For example, the TV turns on and off by itself, a rocking chair moves when no one is sitting there, the family hears footsteps when no one is around, and small objects move by themselves. When I was there one night, I suddenly got this weird feeling of being watched. I turned towards the stairs, and I thought I heard something creeping up the staircase. This is after Hidi told me the Fred story, so I may have been jumpy and imagining things.

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