Ghost Photo of the Day: Museum Thing

creepy photo museum

This photo from may not be paranormal, but it’s definitely creepy. According to the OP, the thing in the background appeared in a photo taken at the Fort Worth Museum in Fort Worth, TX. He doesn’t remember anyone wearing a poncho or shawl and claims no adults were in the play area. Check out the discussion here. What do you think of the image?

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6 thoughts on “Ghost Photo of the Day: Museum Thing

  1. I think this may be real because no children are paying any mind to it when as a parent in know that they wouldn’t be able to really look away (with my children of course) and seeing as this is a children’s play area at a museum i hardly think that any tom foolery like this would be acceptable.

  2. I think it’s real for the same reason that “Anonymous” states. At least one child would have been drawn to an individual had they seen it

  3. It looks like someone dressed up like an Eskimo or someone that lives in a cold area. It’s wearing furs.

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