Reader Submission: Ouija Entity

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“When I was about fourteen, I started doing Ouija boards with my friends. I didn’t really believe that anything would happen, but it did. The glass always moved really strongly, and whatever we brought through knew things about individuals in the group that nobody else could have known. The thing that came through fixated on me. It claimed to be my twin (my mother miscarried a twin when she was pregnant with me), and over the next two years we did lots of Ouija boards and would always get this same entity.

An Evil Entity
Although I first believed that it was the ghost of my twin, I slowly came to realize that the entity was something else. It began telling me that it wanted to hurt my friends, and that it wanted me to die so that we could be together. I started feeling like I wanted to hurt people. I started feeling that even when I wasn’t doing the Ouija board, it was still with me. Sometimes I would feel the bed move like someone was sitting on the end of it, and then I would feel the covers being pulled down off the bed. I would grab hold of them and try and keep them on, but the tug was too strong. Only when the covers were completely off my body would I be able to pull them back up. This would happen so many times during the night that I was constantly exhausted.

Eventually I went to a medium and told him everything. He took me to another medium, and they told me that there was something that had attached itself to me. They told me that this thing was very negative and fed off fear and that I would have to learn to put up a barrier in my mind against it and keep the barrier up constantly.

Over the years the ‘visits’ got less frequent, although if I think about them or anything related to the occult I feel its attention. Sometimes when I am really exhausted it can still get through. The most memorable occasions are these:

Bangs in the Night
I was in the house alone. My friend had left because she’d seen a distorted version of my face reflected in the window, even though I had just left the room to get us a drink. As I got ready for bed, I could feel something horrible and malevolent hanging just behind me, a few inches from my neck. I was trying to ignore it, and was desperately trying to maintain the barrier in my mind, but I was too scared and I could tell that cracks were appearing.

I got into bed and immediately heard scratching and scraping noises in each corner of my room. This went on for about an hour and then stopped. The horrible feeling that I had didn’t leave though. I knew the thing hadn’t gone.

After about half an hour, a loud banging noise started in the bottom left corner of my room. I realized that the other side of the wall was where the staircase started. The banging was so incredibly loud and purposeful and carried on in the corner for about fifteen minutes. Then it slowly started moving closer to where my bed was. I did not have a head board, just my pillows piled up against the wall. Eventually, the booming was directly behind my head, so hard that I could see the pillows shaking with each bang.

I was still trying so desperately to get a hold on my fear and telling this thing to leave, but it continued for what felt like two hours. I must have eventually fainted or fallen asleep out of sheer exhaustion. When I woke up the next morning, the thing was gone. It came back a few times after that, but never as strong as that night until maybe fifteen years later.

The Door That Wouldn’t Stay Closed
At that time, I was living in a house with my two daughters. I felt the familiar oppressive feeling and then the door to my room opened. There was no breeze, the windows were all shut, and my girls were in bed. I got up and closed the door, and climbed back into bed. Two minutes later the door opened again. I again closed it and got into bed. As soon as I was in bed, it opened again. I closed the door and put a chair behind it. It opened and pushed the chair with it. I closed it and whilst I was still holding the handle, it started to open again. I started to push back against the door, but it still carried on opening. Eventually I had my entire body weight against it but it something was still forcing the door open, and I wasn’t strong enough to stop it. I got back into bed and started picturing the wall in my head and trying to read my book. The horrible, scraping feeling eventually left, and I calmed down enough to go to sleep.

The Pillow Boy from Hell
The last severe incident was about five years ago (I am 42 now). I woke up knowing that the thing was in my room. I was lying on my side, and as my eyes grew accustomed to the light, I realized that I could see the back of a pair of sneaker type trainers standing on my pillow about ten inches from my face. I turned my face so that I could follow the trainers up and saw a pair of jeans and a hooded sweatshirt on what looked like a little boy of about eight standing with his back to me.

My heart was beating so hard because I knew it wasn’t even the spirit of a little boy. I recognized the presence of the thing that had been with me before. As I was looking up, the figure started to turn around very slowly until I could see its face. It had a little boy’s face, but even in the darkness I could see that there was nothing where its eyes should have been. They were just black, but not the black of shadows, just…nothing.

I knew that the nothing could see me and wanted me to look at it. I turned over so that my back was to it and imagined my wall again. I wouldn’t look, and I wouldn’t think about what was there. I blanked it out of my mind completely. I started thinking about good things and kindness and all the wonderful things about the world and about people. Eventually, the presence got weaker and then was gone.

I believe that when I did the Ouija board I attracted the attention of something evil. I don’t know what it is, and I have never tried to find out. I very rarely talk about what has happened and only do so when I hear people suggesting a Ouija board or séance. My daughters still don’t know what happens.”

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  1. Fascinating stories. I’ve done several serious Ouija experiments in the last year. Mostly by myself, but some sessions with other sitters. No experiences at all. I don’t believe the Ouija board is always the evil tool that Hollywood and others dramatically paint it out to be. I did enjoy Mary Ellen Guiley’s book on the subject and wrote a review.

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