Reader Submission: A Ghostly Reflection

ghostly reflection

A reader writes: “Hi, I’m a 20-year-old college student in Austin, TX, and over the summer I rented a house with some friends. I was always a bit weary there and never had much of a desire to be there for some odd reason. Before I took this photo, many weird things happened.

One day, I was sitting in the living room when I saw one of my roommates leave her room to go to the bathroom and I saw a guy around 20ish years old follow her out and into the bathroom. I thought he was just someone who had spent the night. She came out of the bathroom and informed me she was running to the store. I anticipated that her friend would come out and say hello but after a few minutes, but no one appeared. I went over to say hi and introduce myself but could find no one there. I checked my room, her room, and the bathroom. The only way to get out would be through the backdoor which would require him to exit the hallway, and I would have seen him leave. I asked my roommate if there was someone else there, and she said no and we immediately started looking around.

When I was alone at the house (which was often), I would hear the sound of things falling. Doors would also open by themselves, and I would hear footsteps. One time I heard the back door open and something fall down. I immediately ran out and left.

I took this picture one day after having bought a new pair of sunglasses. I was sitting on the couch and in front of me was a coffee table with nothing on it. Beyond that was just a white wall. If you look in the reflection of the glasses on the left lens, there appears to be an old man or a skeleton-like creature. I took this photo with my iPhone.”

What do you think of the image and of reflection ghosts in general?

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5 thoughts on “Reader Submission: A Ghostly Reflection

  1. It looks like the reflection of a Halloween bag or figurine. Or maybe Casper is trying to get her attention.,,,,,,happy, smiling ghost.

  2. My friend was taking a picture of herself by my window in my bedroom. She zooms in on the glasses after she sent the picture to see what a guy she likes might see. She saw a black robe sunglasses and a hat with a white face going from my closet to my second window. I then took more pictures. The same black image stayed near the closet but seemed to move and these pictures were taking minutes after one another. So I can relate… This happened to me yesterday

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