Do Victims of the Curacoa Sinking Haunt the Queen Mary?


On October 2, 1942, the RMS Queen Mary accidentally rammed and sank her escort ship, the HMS Curacoa, as she carried over 10,000 troops to Europe. More than 200 men died in the collision, and now Queen Mary staff and visitors reportedly hear strange sounds coming from the ship’s bow.

In 1988, a former marine engineer told Unsolved Mysteries he once heard the sound of water pouring into the Queen Mary. Thinking there had been a rupture of some kind, the man rushed to investigate but found nothing out of the norm. The engineer later learned he’d been in the part of the ship that had collided with the Curacoa. Unsolved Mysteries left a voice-activated recorder in the same area and reportedly captured the sounds of rushing water, tearing metal, and crying men. I unfortunately can’t find the clip online.

The Curacoa victims aren’t Queen Mary’s only ghosts. Legends about the famously haunted ship include a murdered captain, a little girl who drowned, and a crew member crushed by a watertight door.

The Curacoa incident happened 71 years ago today. Do you think there’s something to the creepy tales?