Reader Submission: Restless Spirits


“This was a long time ago: October 1981. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. Paradise Cemetery on Florence Avenue. Around 1990, officials closed the cemetery down for a while because it was found out that they were stacking bodies on top of each other in the same grave and also selling body parts. People went to jail for that. I remember as  a child always seeing tractors digging, but I didn’t think nothing of it at the time.

My older brother’s friend saw something in there when I was about eight. In 1971, he said a person or the shadow of a person followed him as he took a shortcut through there one night. I remember he was different after that. He looked scared and quiet.

Anyways, here’s my story. I was walking with my two friends through the cemetery like we always did back in the day. All of a sudden, about a quarter of the way through, we heard a noise to our left . There was nothing there but a wall that runs along the perimeter and an old, small wood building where they keep  gardening equipment and other tools. We stopped and looked, but there was nothing there.

So we kept walking, and about 20 feet later we heard a loud sound. This time we froze and looked to our left, towards the shack and wall. Then we heard a sound I will never forget. It sounded like someone jumping on a chain link fence or shaking a chain link fence violently. Then a swirling sound traveled along the length of the cemetery wall. The loud chain-like noises went back and forth along the wall, hundreds of feet at a time, fast and windy for no reason.  I was scared, I have to admit. It was bizarre. We never even went through. We turned around and ran out of there at lightning speed. We talked about it all night long and got no sleep.

We went back the next morning to check it out,  and the shack had some old, rusty chains on the windows. They were thick, fat chains. We talked to a worker, and he told us that those windows hadn’t been opened in years, and you could tell. The wall was all brick and cement with no chain fence anywhere around.

I truly believe that we experienced something paranormal. Five or six years later is when we found out about the body crimes…restless souls at the time for sure. After that, they redid the whole  place. It looks good now and has a peaceful  look.  I live nearby still, and I go by there a lot. I always glance in the cemetery, but not for too long.”

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