Ghost Photo of the Day: The Face

ghost face photo

A reader posted this photo to Ghosts and Ghouls’ Facebook page. She writes:

“My husband came home from his gig last night telling me about a picture they took where a FACE appeared in the BACK of his head. It’s NOT a Photoshop…what it IS is creepy. The band mates have lost a few friends recently who were also musicians. One of the wives gave them a few guitars, and they played them for the first time that night.”

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4 thoughts on “Ghost Photo of the Day: The Face

  1. Hi, I don,t see the face that,s behind the guys head, but I do see a face that,s right in front of him, on the wall. To me it looks like a face. Sorry.

  2. I find it interesting. Mabe one of the late band mates decided to join in that night, especially since they were using their guitars, Why in the back of his head is beyond me though.

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