Paranormal Link Roundup

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Here are a few links to paranormal-themed videos, articles, and sites readers might find of interest. Have a project or announcement to share? Send the info to and I’ll include it in my next roundup. Thank you!

My Stuff

8 Lesser-Known Cryptids from Around the World – Though A-list beasts like Nessie and Big Foot get all the attention, they’re far from Earth’s only mysterious creatures. Here 8 are the world’s lesser-known cryptids.

“Nova X” Archive – Every Wednesday I participate in the “Nova X Paranormal Radio Show” broadcast online and on Radio Nova FM in Costa Blanca, Spain. The link will take you to archives of the show.

Ghosts and Ghouls Facebook Page – I like you. Why not like me?

Reader-Submitted Links

The Smith Building Ghost (YouTube video) – Mike and his friends investigate the apparently abandoned Smith Building after hearing that it’s haunted. They haven’t been seen since.

Talking Doll Mina App – A creepy talking doll app that will terrify your friends.

FindingUFO – YouTube channel featuring personal and viewer-submitted UFO sightings.

The Paranormal Corner – A blog covering all aspects of the supernatural.

The National Paranormal Society (NPS) – Founded in 2011, the National Paranormal Society is an organization designed to bring together the best the paranormal community has to offer.

Have a paranormal story to share? Submit it here. You can also reach me at!