Ghost Photo of the Day: Firehouse Spirits

haunted fire station

A reader writes: “What do you think about the images in the driver and passenger seats? This was taken Friday, October 11th 2013 at roughly 11 p.m. or lil later.”

Update! When I asked if the firehouse had a resident ghost or if the area was supposed to be haunted he responded with this: “I’m pretty sure my firehouse has the most in the line of duty deaths of any firehouse in Chicago. Also, the alley behind the firehouse is on a Chicago ghost tour. It is where all the public hangings took place years ago.”

Does anyone have a theory about the pic? Reflection? Illusion? Ghosts?

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3 thoughts on “Ghost Photo of the Day: Firehouse Spirits

  1. I see two ghosts faces back in the fire truck!!! The ghost face on the right hand side, you can see it, but clearly enough. The second one looks like he,s trying to hide. Great capture!!!! I love this website!!!

  2. My husband is a fireman and I’ve been hanging out in firehouses for 30+ years. We are also paranormal investigators. While your picture is somewhat captivating, I believe the “faces” you’re seeing are actually helmets hanging in the truck, and the rest is matrixing. That’s just my two cents. But if I’m wrong and helmets don’t hang there, then congrats on such a good shot.

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