Reader Submission: The Christmas Candle


“There are a few weird things that have happened to me that I think I’ll never find an explanation for, but one stands out from the rest.

It was 1999, and I was 12 years old when my grandfather passed away. My family is from El Salvador and I live in Guatemala City, so it didn’t take too long before my aunt started to tell my mom that some weird things were happening to them related to my grandfather. Among those things were weird dreams about him and one of my cousins even saw him.

Anyway, later that year I remember I went to my grandmother’s house for Christmas. One day my parents and my grandmother were out so one of my aunts stayed home with my little cousin, my brother, and me. We were sitting in the living room, talking and laughing, when suddenly the conversation changed, and we started talking about my grandfather. At some point, we just stopped talking.


Then, out of nowhere, one of my grandma’s Christmas candles broke in the most unusual way.

It was one of those long and thin candles, but it didn’t break and fall straight to the ground. It was like someone took the candle, broke it in two pieces, and then threw it aside. The movement was perfectly horizontal, and the pieces of the candle went straight in the direction of my grandfather’s favorite couch. I know is kind of hard to picture, but it happened so fast that we just stared at each other completely shocked.

After what happened, we decided to go to the backyard and forget about it.

I never told this to my mom (since it was about her dad) until I was 17 years old.”

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