Reader Submission: The Shadow Man

shadow person

“I moved into a townhouse with my son when he was 1 1/2 years old. It was an end unit, a small two bedroom. Soon after moving in and unpacking, I started hearing a lot of knocking and footsteps. I brushed it off as our unit was attached to a three bedroom unit. I assumed it was noise traveling through the walls. It also seemed that I was always looking for things that I just put down, finding items where they did not belong. My son would talk to and play with ‘imaginary’ friends.

Around the age of four, my son was having trouble sleeping. I would read him a story and sit with him until he fell asleep. He would wake up between 3 & 3:30 every morning very upset, crying that a mean puppy was growling over him. This went on for several weeks until my son finally slept the entire night. When talking over breakfast that morning, I expressed how proud I was of him for sleeping all night. He told me not to worry mommy, that the nice man was not letting the mean puppy in his room anymore. I was confused by the statement but did not question him further. I was just happy he was sleeping. A month went by and he was still sleeping well.

One night I went upstairs with my son to get him ready for bed. He ran to his room to pick out a bedtime book. As I entered his room, I noticed my shadow on the wall. I walked to the bookcase where my son was standing. He handed me his book and we turned towards the bed. That’s when I froze. The shadow was still on the wall. My first thought was that someone was in the hallway. I quickly looked into the hall. Nobody was there. Again I looked at the wall. The shadow was still there but very faint. I had a very tight grip on my son. I said out loud ‘What the hell is going on?’ He laughed at my swearing and said very calmly ‘That’s my friend mommy, he keeps the puppy away!’

After that night I would see this shadow moving around my son’s room when I put him to bed. I was never afraid after that first encounter.

Within a year I started dating the man I would eventually marry. One weekend he came to stay with us. My son went to sleep at his regular time. Around midnight we decided to head to bed ourselves. My future husband was standing at the foot of my bed waiting to use the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom and peeked into my son’s room. I turned and walked into my bedroom. My husband was standing there with very wide eyes and he looked very pale. I thought he was having a stroke or heart attack. I grabbed him asking, ‘What’s happening? What’s wrong?’ He finally said ‘I just watched a man follow you out of the bathroom and go into your son’s room!!!!!’ He was very upset. I tried to calm him down, saying I know about the man and it’s okay. My husband had never seen a ghost before. He was not okay with my laid back attitude.

The next day I explained what we had been dealing with over the past year and that this shadow man seemed to be there to protect my son and I.

We lived there for 16 years and have lots of stories both good and scary.”

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