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  1. I encourage people to read Andrea’s books. Though it is interesting how even though the family obviously supports the film, the books don’t paint a nice picture of the Warrens at all… and at least according to Andrea’s telling, the events were quite different. I’ve blogged about it a lot… but this awkwardness isn’t really ever mentioned publicly. After loving the movie in July, I was only confused after the books.

      • Well the third hasn’t been released yet, but the first two are both enormous, and very detailed in a poetic writing style. Not a lot was reminiscent of the movie… and regarding the Warrens, they were accused of breaking confidentiality and telling the whole world about their haunting while it was going on, causing them to lose their privacy for a while. They pushed themselves on to the family and they weren’t really successful at clearing the house.

      • Funny, in the movie the mom had to beg the Warrens to come over. I’m curious about the books, but not sure about “very detailed in a poetic writing style.”

  2. we are a group who has researched about the farm In the. Conjuring. Bathsheba Sherman never an Armold Never lived in the house could not be mistress of house as said in book. No recorded evidence of a death related to her no historical evidence of her as a witch or Satanic not a term used in 1800 America she was a practicing Baptist buried by a Baptist minister Prudence Arnold murdered in Uxbridge Mass died on second floor. Not related was an orphan Lorraine Warren in book claimed Prudence murdered in Pantry of farm show little credibility to her ability . People interested in Warrens should research law suits Amityville especially Devil in Conn. Claim 11 yr old possessed by demon 48 as adult he sues Lorraine for destroying his life . Lorrine tells Perrons to 5 young children they have demon possible brought on by them playing with Quiji board ?? Mrs John Arnold died in her house so did John Arnold 1911. No murders no hangings and no suicides or drownings recorded on farm. One frozen stranger in shed Edwin found on road far from farm frozen. No one who has lived there has claimed haunting s except Perrons Kenyon’s who sold house to Perrons were angry in the 70 s when stories started They felt degraded ancestors home Farm had been in family for 200 years. There is more will be going public soon.

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