Reader Submission: Ouija Board Evil


“Me and my friend decided to make a Ouija board. We used cards and put tea bags over it for an older look. The Ouija board looked very professional and good by the time we were finished. We lit candles and put a Bible near the board, as well as a silver coin. The board did not work until we moved these items off. We did the board a lot of times because we were intrigued.

There were three spirits in my room, and the main one was Dean. He was a good spirit and wanted to protect me from the other evil spirits. He warned me about them and told me stuff he shouldn’t have. It was like he was being watched. He joked with us and was a funny, nice spirit. He could read our minds. We tested this. ‘Who’s name am I thinking of?’ ‘What number am I thinking of?’ Needless to say, the board got it right each time.

Dean was being especially nice, and we decided to close the session because we were bored. We later opened it up again and said ‘Hello, Dean.’ He said ‘Help.’ We asked why. It moved to Goodbye. After this, we heard running downstairs (my mum was in bed and my friends were with me. No one else was home except for my dog, but they were human footsteps). We immediately went downstairs to investigate. We heard a crying sound and ran back up.

The spirit was different when we next spoke to board. It was the evil spirit Dean was so afraid of. She had killed Dean, she said, for telling us too much. She started to call us rats and whores and claimed we murdered her and she wanted revenge. Dean previously warned us that she was going to murder us tonight. I haven’t done the board since, but I am very ill and believe it’s due to the board. I don’t know what I should do now or what I should do with the board. There are so many more details and this is very brief. Please help me and tell me what to do.”

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  1. This is what happens when people mess with something they know nothing about. She may have opened a portal of some kind or it may simply be her over active mind that’s making her ill. In either case, she can call a local university-they normally have people there that can help her out either way. To give her some sound advice. I would advise her not to simply throw the board away. If by chance she has done something, that will simply anger whoever it was she invited in. Would suggest she get in touch with someone as quickly as she can before she makes herself even more ill. And for goodness sake, stay away from things you have no knowledge of.

  2. I had a similar issue in my home years back when i was young a spirit named tyler had issues with my siblings and would harass my sisters and brothers they were almost constantly ill and missing school and when i found out the root of the issues was the fact that they used a Ouija board i became over overwhelmingly irate with them I am catholic and went to my priest for advice and spoke to my grandmother who has a strong spiritual connection and we prayed for about an hour straight sealed the board in a blessed cloth and buried it. I was never really fond of the premise of religion until after that day.

  3. This sounds truly distressing. When I was young I made some very stupid mistakes too as we all do. However I would definitely start talking to some people if you havnt already. Tell them what you have done and start seeking help of all kinds until you find what you need! Look to religion or science if it were me both!

  4. This always happen when people see ouija boards as fun and games. They where once called ghosttalkingboards for a reason! Wait untill halloween, everybody wants to try. But when evil comes through yhis portal then funtime is over. Rent a movie when you want a thrill.

    But in your case maybe I can help. I’m a witch in Europe. Here a protective sachet to wear. Put the following herbs in a white sachet: 3 parts dill seed, 2 parts caraway seed, 1 part flax seed and 1 pinch of salt. When you are in direct attack, put salt in a cirkle around you, do not step out of cirkle untill you are sure it is save!. In your mind place a pentagram with point up around yourself in bright white light to ward al evil, see the darkness gone in your mind. Next, find someone in your country who is a true medium or witch coven who can cleans you, so that the attaching ghost who is haunting you and makes you ill is removed from you. Do the same with your house, in the place wehre you used the ouija board. When al is well, put the ouija board in a white cloth witch a pentagram on it and a load of salt and bind it inside with a white cord. bury it under an ancient oak. When a witch accompanies you he or she can use spells. Never go there again and never use a ouija baoard again. Make sure no one els can find it! You are sensetive to it and easy target for ghosts. BE AWARE!!! When your dealing with a demon get local witches to help you!!! We are everywhere.This is no garantue it will work. It depends on the strength of the ghost. Let fear not lead you.

  5. This kind of boards usually attract entities (let’s call them demons) who like to mock, (in worse cases) harm or posses people. They are not spirits from deceased people as they usually claim to be. If it gets worse, I wouldn’t mind to come and help you. I know how to deal with this kind of demons, but unfortunately live overseas. Should it get worse and you need help, I won’t hesitate to come over and help you. I won’t charge anything for this (against my confession), but
    wouldn’t mind to get my expenses paid ( like travel and accomodation).
    Wish you luck and the best. Murathan

  6. PS Charms, spells, magic or priest rituals don’t work at all. It’s just humbug. As in most cases thoses entities are harmless and they like to mock people. After a while, they leave their victims for good, and most people think that the procedures of the priest, the excorcist, the witch or whoever was consulted did this. But, if it is a real evil demon that wants to possess, you’ll see that non of those humbugs will work. I Hope that your case is not one this magnitude.

  7. Id advise you to get a medium and priest and get your self blessed and get the door u opened closed properly and send the spirit away put salt in cornets of your room carry an angel like micheal for protection.

  8. I’m just thinking about Dean Winchester. I’m sorry Dean W is realy a sarcastic, joking guy. It fit the description.

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