Ghost Photo of the Day: Hair Monster

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The photo below appeared on Reddit a few days ago. Here’s the story behind the bizarre pic.

The OP and his wife had just checked into the Inn at Ellis Square in Savannah, GA (Room 423). It was the first night of the couple’s honeymoon, and the groom thought it would be funny to snap a photo of the bed. After all, the newlyweds expected to spend a lot of time there. According to the OP, the lights were on at the time of the photo and there was nothing visible to the naked eye. Other than the hairy pic, the newlyweds didn’t see anything strange during their stay, though a door seemingly opened by itself.

There are several haunted hotels in Savannah, but I couldn’t find much about the Inn at Ellis Square. However, one guest reported hearing strange noises at night.

“We woke up in the middle of the night due to the sound of our shower curtain being pulled back and forth rapidly,” the guest wrote on “We were in a corner room on the sixth floor and it could not have been the shower curtain of the room next to ours as we were only next to one and it was in a completely different direction.”

What do you think of the pic? If it is paranormal, what sort of entity manifests like that?

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4 thoughts on “Ghost Photo of the Day: Hair Monster

  1. Hi!!!! I,m sorry but I really don,t know what that hairy thing is. It,s giving me the chills just looking at it. I am afraid to travel anywhere fearing this thing might be in hotel room. Maybe a ghost expert might know what that this. Good luck!!!

  2. My wife and I with 2 children stayed in the same room last week. After we checked in the girls looked online and found out our room was the room with the Hairy monster. So they wanted me to set my gopro and do a time lapse of the entire evening as we slept. The next morning we watched it and one thing stuck out to us. it looked like i lifted my legs while sleeping for atleast an hour, but because it was so dark we couldn’t make anything out to well. we all laughed and stayed two more nights. Then today i decided to run all the picture through adobe camera raw and raise the exposure level of the pictures. Everything looked normal then something looked to move around me head, then for the next 50- 60 frames it appears something is standing beside my be with it upper body under the blankets by my feet.. it stays that way with some movement until the camera caught my wife getting up to use the restroom. after that the room becomes to dark until the sun came up. Kind of spooky. if you like i can share some of the frames or the whole stop motion video. i will be uploading them tomorrow. Room 423 at ellis square is in my opinion haunted. Oh this happened in the bed in the picture above.

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