Reader Submission: Lights in the Night


“Before I tell you about the most peculiar nights of my life, I thought I’d start off telling you about myself.

I am a rather unfaithful person. I do not believe in any religion, and even if I did, I would feel doubtful about it. The only thing I believe is that everything is explainable, if not by science then by something that relates to it. So I do not believe what I experienced in the September of 2009 was unexplainable, neither do I feel like I need to prove it wasn’t some hallucination or dream to you. In this story, I’ll be saying everything I thought and felt about this experience, and it’s going to be completely up to you whether you believe it or not.

The House

This event took place in the old house my parents used to live in. It was originally built by an electrician in the early 1900’s as a villa, but when he moved out families started to use it as a normal housing. My parents were the ones to buy it from a rich family in the 90’s.

The family consisted of an old man, an old woman, a middle-aged man, and a girl roughly my age. Although one of the things that bothered me for a while after the event, was how eager they were to sell the huge house for such a small price. They may have been rich, but even in the auction they seemed desperate to be done with the house as soon as they could.

Night One – The Blue Light

It was maybe over a week into the September of 2009, and as always, it was raining here in Rogaland, Norway. I was going to bed, as any regular student at that time, quite late. But unlike most teens, I could not instantly fall asleep. I have major problems with sleeping. Sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of the day easily, but I find it hard to sleep at the night, even to this day. It was on one of these nights when I was lying on my side staring at the wall that it happened

My shadow suddenly shifted angle as if a light was shimmering behind me, to the point where my shadow was right in front of me. There were often cars driving beside my window, sometimes shining into the bedroom and reflecting on something there, but tonight was different. There were no car sounds, the light didn’t go away, and I soon noticed that I couldn’t move. It was as if I was completely paralyzed. I then noticed a ball of light, perhaps two or three feet wide, hovering inside my bedroom at the edge of my vision.

Everything was completely silent for a minute. Even the lightning outside my window didn’t make a noise. Suddenly, I felt this intense fear grip me. It didn’t feel like I was afraid. In all honesty I was curious, but for some reason it felt like this fear was being pushed on me without a choice. It stopped for a little bit, then started again, and again. It felt like tons of thoughts and images were going through my brain at intense speeds, and then they suddenly stopped. The light ball was gone as well. Right afterwards I fell asleep, waking up and pretending it was just a dream. But it wasn’t over.

Night Two – The Red Light

The second night I went into my bedroom a little more cautiously. This time I was certain about one thing: that I was going to get a proper view of the light if it were to come back. I laid myself on the opposite side as before and waited. Suddenly, the ball of light popped up out of nowhere in the middle of my bedroom. This time I had a clear view of it, but I was surprised. The light wasn’t the same. The one from last night shined blue and hovered aimlessly around my room. This one, however, shined red and angrily bounced around my bedroom as if on some rage trip. It suddenly stopped and ‘looked’ at me.

The same thing happened then that happened the night before. I couldn’t move, and an intense fear gripped me. This time was different though, it felt like my muscles were being contracted to the point of feeling torn apart. I tried to yell out in pain, but only the sound of air came out. It went on for a long time, and when it was over I wasn’t able to move. When I woke up and went to school, I still felt pain. Several people told me that I looked pale, like I had seen a ghost. I didn’t ignore the possibility, but I thought better of myself than to refer to this experience as the work of ‘ghosts.’

Night Three – The Violet Light

The next night, the third night, I had trouble going into my bedroom. Even though my mind wanted to see what would happen, it felt like something was keeping me from exploring further. But even so, I went to my bedroom as always, found a comfortable spot on my bed, and waited. It felt like hours passed, but nothing happened. ‘Was that the last time?’ I thought. And then as to answer my question, a ball of light appeared.

The light was completely different from the others. This one gave off a calming feeling, even though I still felt fear. It shined with a deep violet color and moved around almost as if it was timid or shy. I was expecting something different from this ball, but was surprised when almost nothing happened for a while. We just looked at each other. I was about to fall asleep when I suddenly got a weird feeling. For some reason, it felt as if I was being abandoned, even though I knew both my brother and my mother were in the house. The feeling stopped.

Next I felt as if I was really sad or angry about something. This went on for what I could only call a long time. Sadness, loneliness, happiness, love, everything just piled over and made me more and more confused. After a while, I realized that I wasn’t scared anymore. Suddenly it felt as if it was completely silent, even though I hadn’t heard anything to begin with. I managed to focus my eyesight back to reality to see the ball of light flicker away.

The End?

The next night I had too many thoughts about my bedroom, so I decided I would sleep on the couch outside my room and see if any lights appeared under the door. However, nothing happened. After a while, I went back to sleeping in my bedroom. Nothing ever happened again, at least not until now.

The reason I’m writing this now for the first time, and showing it the internet for the first time, is because it feels as if the feelings I had from back when the event happened are coming back. And I’m almost feeling scared of going to sleep, even now. I’ve heard several stories about similar events, but not one matches up with the amount of confusion I have about this happening.

Another thing to note is that it was at this time that my grades started going up and my feelings towards people started to get more realistic. I personally do not want to bind the two things with each other, but I still find it hard to relate back to anything that happened before this event, and I even have trouble with memories of how I lived before it happened. All I know is that whatever it is that happened certainly had an effect on how I see things today.”

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