6 Reader-Submitted Ghost Photos

ghost picture germany


“The picture is from the north of Germany in the 50´s! No one knows who the face is in window.”

haunted tavern

“This was taken on our first visit to the Jean Bonnet Tavern. This was the Memorial Day weekend last year. A member of our club (the Mustang Club of Central PA) took this picture while I was away from the table that my wife and I were sitting at. I only became aware of this picture just a day ago, as part of some other pictures the club member sent to me.

The picture shows what appears to be a vapory presence just behind and slightly above my wife. Is it a spirit, or just a reflection on the camera lens? I don’t know. What I DO know is that there is no such presence (or lens reflection) in the other picture that our club member took in the restaurant.

Since our first visit to the Jean Bonnet Tavern, I have read several stories, both in books and online, about the ghostly happenings there. If I am correct, my wife and I were sitting very near the spot where the skeleton was found under the floor. Maybe the presence in the picture is of this unfortunate individual. Or then again, maybe it’s just a reflection of something in the picture. You can be the judges of that.”


“Took this photo before trick or treating and noticed later. Nobody was smoking around the camera and the grass below the mist appears to be greener. Let me know what you think.”


“Found in my father’s attic the other day….if motion blur, than why is she running in those shoes?”



“I took some photos recently of an old, empty house that was for rent. I thought the house was cute, as it had wildflowers in the front.

Anyway, after uploading the photos that I took of this house, I see definitely one spirit (I can’t explain it any other way because it is not in the photo before this one). I have a Nikon D3100 and took a bunch of pics seconds apart. I see another possible spirit next to it. I am a firm believer in there being so much in front of us that we cannot see (like our breath for one), so I thought I would share this.”

ghost pic florida

“In 2005, I bought my first digital camera, a 3.5 MP Kodak. When I got home, I went outside to try it out. I took a few pics of my 1930 bungalow in Zephyrhills, downloaded them, looked, and that was about it.

About a year later I was going through these pics and noticed a glow in my dining room window. I zoomed in and discovered what appears to woman in Victorian garb looking out at me, smiling! She seems to be standing just in the kitchen, the door frame is cutting off her left shoulder. I made a print of the original pic along with a crop, and a lightened up zoom. A scan of this is what I’m sending you because the original was lost due to my computer crashing, that’s why there are creases in the image.

I lived there from April 2000 to January 2009. Before I saw this picture, I sensed something going on there. I heard a woman’s voice, kind of a froggy sounding smoker’s voice, saw small yellow sparks cross the bathroom from one wall to another, and one of my cats would ALWAYS jump over the threshold when entering or exiting the kitchen. When I discovered this image, it fired me up. I never felt frightened by her.”

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  1. The seventh pic on with the house and what seems to be a creepy face is the reflection of the trees and the sky. If you look closely you can make out a branch with heavy green leaves and a partly cloudy sky. It can be a face but it can also be a glare from the sun. If I were you I would go back to that same place and at the same time look at the house once more and then you will know for sure wether it is the sun or the actual thing.

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