Reader Submission: The Edinburgh Vaults

haunted edinburgh“I’m 21 years old and live in Scotland. I’ve had many experiences with spirits in the past, once seeing a spirit in an abandoned house window, but this was the strangest.

It began on the 17th August when I decided to go to Edinburgh for the day. I couldn’t decide what to do and noticed a flier for the Edinburgh Vaults tour. I decided to buy a ticket for the “Paranormal Underground” tour by Mercat Tours.

When it comes to walking down into the vaults, you have a flight of stairs that comes into the circular chambers of the vaults. So I was in the middle of a big group of people and we were all walking towards the biggest chamber in the vaults. I was walking past a hallway to my left and saw a man leaning against the wall to the side of me. I didn’t look right at him because I was honestly surprised and a bit frightened.

The man was dressed in old attire, had a top hat on, and had a massive grin on his face. He was leaning against the wall, almost as if watching us all walk past and laughing at how we were dressed. I honestly didn’t know whether I had imagined it or not but he looked solid, like you or I. No one else noticed the man or admitted to seeing him.

I had another experience down there, one that was verified by the tour guide. We were standing in the cobbler room. To the left is a doorway and a sharp turn to the left. The guide was talking about the spirit in this room. I had previously went into Mr. Boots’ room and asked him to show himself before going to the cobbler room.

As the guide was talking, I saw what could only be described as a shadow figure peer around the corner of the doorway to the left, then disappear behind a curtain that covered another room. I mentioned it to the guide, and the guide said she saw it too. She said ‘It seems someone is trying to play tricks on us tonight’ but she refused to check it out, as did I. We both spoke about it and she reckoned it was Mr. Boots following us.

I have to say, I went in with no expectations of anything happening and left having had two paranormal sightings. Both of which, without a doubt, I know were not my imagination. I tried to rationalize and debunk, but no one else besides our group was down there. This I know because a group left just as we went in.

I’d definitely recommend visiting.”

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