Reader Submission: A Lifetime of Terror

shower curtain shadow

“Starting when I was only four years old, I’ve talked to the dead. I remember being a little girl and going outside to play. My backyard was nothing but woods, and every day I would run outside to talk to the children in the trees. Back then, I never thought anything of it. I thought they were pretty nice, but now that I remember it was pretty horrific. Their hands were nailed to the trees, and there they would hang, soaked in blood.

I know it wasn’t a dream because it was an everyday occurrence for me. I even remember telling them to quiet down their screams a couple times. I later started noticing men with lanterns in the woods, but no one else saw them when I’d point them out. They would stop and stare at me then be on their way.

At the age of eight, my sister woke up in the middle of the night and stumbled in my room to tell me the boy was looking for me again. When I asked what boy, she told me that every night he would stop in my doorway then go into her room and ask where I was. I also remember my mom waking me up countless times in a panic because I would start screaming in my sleep.

I later started seeing a shadow and it followed me pretty much everywhere, but what terrified me was that it was the shadow of a scarecrow (you probably think I’m insane after seeing that), but it was true. I would see it outside of my doorway every night, and when I acknowledged it I would see its arm raise and it would give me the ‘hush’ motion.

When I was 10, I finally moved out of that house and into my step dad’s. I knew instantly I wasn’t wanted there. I slept in the attic and would wake up to someone running up the stairs, and when I would look it would run back down the stairs and slam the door. I woke up countless nights to my dog barking while my bed was shaking, and one night I woke up to a little boy staring at me at the end of my bed.

The only way I felt safe at night was to close and lock the basement door. When I did, whatever I was trying to lock out would get mad and frantically bang on the door. My parents made the mistake of removing the door when I was 13, and after they did things got worse. I would wake up every night to whistling in the basement and if I ever left a door or cupboard open something would slam them shut.

I also had a series of nightmares I’ll never forget. In one, something burned the word demon into my wall and put a name under, but I can’t seem to remember what the name was. I was scared and every time I talked to a family member they would shake it off and tell me I had nothing to fear, but I knew in my gut I needed to be afraid.

At 16 I became pregnant, and everything calmed down. We moved into a new house and I felt safe, but now it’s back. I was going to take a shower and I heard a voice scream ‘Hey!’ although no one in my house was awake. I can now hear voices outside of the shower curtain, and suddenly they’ll stop and I’ll hear a high-pitched scream. I shrugged it off, but now it’s starting to affect my baby.

My son is four months old and sleeps in his crib, of course, and one night at 3:48 a.m., I woke up instantly because I could tell something was wrong. When I did, I heard a thump and something had lifted my son out of his crib and laid him on the floor next to it. He woke up terrified. He screamed a scream I knew was out of fear, and I noticed the mirror I have propped against my wall was now leaned against my dresser and all the lights in my room were completely blown out. Four days later, the lamp won’t even turn on.

I know I might sound crazy, but I’m scared, not for me, but for my son. I’ve tried talking to family, but they say they don’t feel an evil or mean presence and there isn’t anything to be afraid of. I honestly don’t know what I’m dealing with and how to make it go away. I was hoping maybe you could help.”

Does anyone know what’s going on or how to help?

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7 thoughts on “Reader Submission: A Lifetime of Terror

  1. I think that it is part of your fault cuz why did you even talk to the dead? A lot of people that talk to the dead often end up getting haunted for the rest of their lives with demons trying to kill you down so next time watch out to what you are talking to. Also do you have strange occurrences such as someone trying to pull your soul away from your body or someone choking you at night? That is a sign that someone is warning you. I’m sorry if this looks like a scary thing but really watch out closely.

    • I was 4 I didnt know who was dead and who was alive ever since I figured out the difference I’ve done my best to block it out but whatever I did talk to is mad that I’ve stopped responding and that I’m trying to ignore it.

  2. Buy candles that have protection spells on them. meditate and surround yourself with white light or call a divine spirit that can help you. A true medium could help you as well. Burn sage & spread salt / garlic around the house. wear protection symbols that have spells on them. I hope this helps. I’ve been dealing with “it” all my life as well, blocking it out is what helped me including talking to certain people who helped me find ways to protect myself. Message me anytime if you need to talk.

  3. I would shit my pants or have a heart attack! I don’t know how people with that gift/curse deal with the things that happen to them!

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