Ghost Photo: Figure in the Hospital

hospital ghost

The above photo recently appeared in the paranormal section of The OP writes:

This picture was taken of a nurse’s viewing monitor. On the monitor, this black figure appeared standing on top of the patient who was lying in the bed.The patient died within a few hours of this figure appearing.”

What do you think of the image? Check out the discussion here or view “Real Nurses Share True Ghost Stories.”

20 thoughts on “Ghost Photo: Figure in the Hospital

  1. This can be a fake but I don’t take it as one! The figure appears to be some kind of weird looking huge animal gorilla. My question is how come this image is so blurred that you can’t make out the face but only the hands and feet?

  2. not real “Ghost/Demon/Whatever” its just a patient with their legs crossed and a bunch of medical equipment blurred together that seems figure-esque. Scared the crap out of me at first though lol

  3. Not sure it could be equipment myself- Watched Paranormal Witness and a few medical professionals have stated seeing dark figures appearing before patients dying, along with a very strong foul odor. Doubtful that all of these people would be making this up. There’s no reason for them doing so.

    • Well not everything is true on tv! I watched a tv show once dealing with ghosts in the hospital and some say they are true that other souls haunt hospitals but some like this photo eventually are reviewed and then considered fake or real by looking over the picture.

  4. So instead of rushing to the patient’s aid, we had time to get a camera and set it up and take the picture , while all the the time somebody or something was walking or jumping upon a dying patient. Yes i believe it! (s/off). Some sort of optical illusion. Funny how back leg of ‘the thing” is much thicker then the front leg against all the rules of perspective.

  5. yes, that is what that type looks like, absolutely, it shocks me to see so plainly what I have seen a few nights

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  7. This pic is truly terrifying! WTF?! What did the nurses do when they saw that!? Most interesting would be the story behind this patient. What was the illness and reason for hospitalization and further, what kind of life this person led and what the family has to say about this person’s life, and death! Clearly this is a demon, come to take its victim! Horrifying!

  8. The figure looks almost like the mythical “Pan”. You can almost make out a furry butt and lower legs. The figure appears to have horns and may be playing the Pan pipes.

  9. This can’t be real, it’s a hippa violation for 1, what nurse would be dumb enough to release a photo of a patient, Hippa is still valid after death for 50 years. Hope she was smart enough to not reveal any identifying information. But it would be so interesting like the other poster asked to know more info about the patient, like was he a bad person? What was he ill from? Anyway a scary ass picture!! It does look like a demon come to take someone who led a bad life to hades.

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