2013 Ghost Photos: 15 Creepy Pics

Here’s a collection of ghost photos to hit the web and make headlines in 2013. Which is your favorite?

bell bottom ghost picture

A woman trying to snap a photo of her nephew captured a spirit instead. The photo, taken outside Cleveland High School on April 15th, shows a man in a pink leisure suit lurking in the background. Is it a ghost? – Houston Chronicle

ghost face ghost photo

“This came from a friend of a friend. This is his girlfriend and kid. They were moving into a house and she decided to take a picture with the kid. This shows up on the wall behind her and she freaks out. Starts crying as soon as she sees it, leaves the house, calls the boyfriend. Apparently, there was nothing in the room besides them.” – Reddit/Creepy

ghost photograph

“My friend took this picture of his cousin in their new house. He says it was just the two of them there but that’s not what it looks like.” – Reddit/Paranormal

ghost photo

“My brother took this picture when I was in 10th grade and squatting this was the result… To this day still can’t explain what or who this is.” – Reddit/Paranormal

ghost picture 2013

Taken at the Wayne County Historical Museum in Richmond, IN, this photo reportedly shows a spirit sitting inside an old hearse. – WhoForted?

ghost woman bathroom

“My auntie has just taken a picture of her son after his bath. They were the only two people in the house at the time. A strange figure with a weird shaped hand has appeared in the background and we are all baffled.” – Reddit/Paranormal


Has the ghost of White Hart Inn been caught on camera? – Edinburgh News

wedding witch

“This photo was taken at a wedding by a friend of a colleague. The wedding party was held at an old farm in Norway famous for being the former home of M. Munthe (a children’s book author). There was no one present at the wedding wearing black, and the picture was taken by one of the guests.” – Reddit/Paranormal

cemetery ghost

“A photographer set up a camera at the Old Pioneer Cemetery in Milton-Freewater, OR and let it run on its own for a few hours. What he wanted was a nice time-lapse of the sunset. What he got was a strange image that appears only in one frame and then disappears.” – KATU News

ghost photo cemetery

Does this photo show “a woman in a gown which appears completely transparent” or moisture on the lens? – This is London

ghost picture

Nine-year-old Nicolas McCabe died inside a Moore, OK elementary school after a tornado leveled the building on May 20, 2013. However, Scott McCabe, Nicolas’s father, believes his son appears in this photo – News 9

ghost photo

“All of us were upstairs and from the bar we heard a woman calling ‘Hello, hello, hello? Is anyone there?’ Not one of us thought that it was paranormal. We thought someone had got into the bar, and since we had the key and any damages would be on us, we all ran down the stairs. There was no one there, and the doors were locked as we’d left them.” – South Wales Argus

creepy photo

“An elderly couple used to live across the street from me. The woman died several years ago and her husband passed away in recent months. After her husband passed, there was an estate sale. A relative of mine was taking pictures for the sale and took this photo of the cellar. People say it looks like the figure’s arms/legs are shackled. There used to be slave houses and a plantation around this area.” – Reddit/Paranormal

ghost photo

“One of my girlfriend’s grad school friends says his girlfriend’s family claims to there’s a ghost that lives in their house, but it’s a friendly ghost. This is a family photo and the ghost of the lady is in the background.” About.com via Reddit/Paranormal

ghost photo

“My friend has been claiming for months that her house is haunted. Her husband took this pic a few days ago.” – Reddit/Ghosts

16 thoughts on “2013 Ghost Photos: 15 Creepy Pics

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  2. After overviewing all the pictures, it would seem that all of them could have been taken using a long exposure. Which would cause a moving subject (person) to blur and look like a ghost. People who don’t know of such clever photography tricks are the ones who believe in this shit.

    • I don’t rely on photos to make me “believe this shit.” I’ve seen too many with my own eyes. However, I do believe most of the pix here (like on most “ghost” sightings pages) are fake, especially when I’ve seen what I’ve seen.

  3. I have a picture I took that I think is totally weird do anyone know of a site I can post it si people who are in this tipe of thing can look at?

  4. Hi I’m.most impressed with the pics.in live in new Zealand and though we are a young country we have our share of the paranormal.

  5. The black dog with glowing eyes, its a reflection of the dogs eyes on the stove door or fridge, showing up in the glass on the door. If my house was haunted and I knew it I sure wouldnt be smiling. I believe but I can spot a fake..

  6. That’s not what they are talking about. Down and to the right of what appears to be a reflection of the dogs eyes is what appears to be an image of a woman.

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