Reader Submission: A Guardian Angel

guardian angel story

“I was in a car wreck in 2011. Deer hit my car, and we tumbled and flipped over three times.

When we were flipping, I prepared myself for death. The feeling was so calm. It was like I didn’t even hear the people in the car screaming for help. It was like I was ok with what was happening. The feeling was too calm when everything was over.

I went home and thanked God for saving me and my family, and we all went to bed. At about 3 a.m., something woke me up. I looked out my room door and standing there was a tall, thin man. I screamed and he stood there for a second. I then realized it was my dad who died in 1984, and I asked what he wanted.

I was so scared I jumped up and turned on every light in the house. But he was gone. I know for a fact that my dad came to check on me that night. He was my angel while I was flipping in the car. I never saw him again, but I truly believe now.”

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3 thoughts on “Reader Submission: A Guardian Angel

  1. It is hard to understand how people can find a pic on the internet and then send you a story on how it concerns them. The Guardian Angel story is bogus. The real one that goes with that photograph is actually much better and it was taken by an official following a car accident and only one woman who was driving was in that car. It is hard to spot the attention seekers as most people are not like that, but the person who sent you this story with the pic is lying and know they are. The photograph featured in the media along with the negative and interviews given from those directly involved

  2. Why would you do that? It’s misleading and deceitful, you’ve lost my trust.Thanks,anonymous,for clearing that up.The sincerity of author,in second reply,bares no weight.

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