Top 10 Ghost Posts of 2013

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Here are the 10 posts that got the most views on Ghosts and Ghouls this year (not counting photos). See any you love or hate? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

10. Ghosts on a Plane: 5 Tales of Haunted Aircraft
Five true tales of haunted aircraft from popular aviation forums. 

9. 4 Creepy Haunted Doll Sites
Four websites offering everything from a haunted doll shop to a live web stream featuring allegedly possessed playthings. 

8. The Most Beautiful Suicide: Does Evelyn McHale Haunt the Empire State Building?
The tragic tale of Evelyn McHale and reports of a possibly related haunting at the Empire State Building.

7. Shadows and Ghost Blobs at Savannah’s 17Hundred90 Inn, Room 204
My personal experience in “the most haunted room” in the “most haunted hotel” in all of Savannah.

6. Haunted Disney: True Ghost Stories from the Happiest Place on Earth
Visitors share true ghost stories about Disney World and Disney Land.

5. Cops Share True “On Duty” Ghost Stories: Part II
Spooky on-duty tales from a popular police forum.

4. Creepy Stories from the Woods
Four creepy stories from a well-known survivalist forum. 

3. Real Nurses Share True Ghost Stories
True ghost stories from a forum dedicated to nurses and the medical profession.

2. Cops Share True “On Duty” Ghost Stories
More creepy on-the-job tales from a forum for police officers.

1. Real EMTs Share True Ghost Stories
Five stories from paramedic forums and message boards.

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