Reader Submission: The Dark Lady

ghostly woman

“I had sleeping problems at night. When I closed my eyes I used to see a dark lady watching me from the corner of my room. At first, I thought it was a dream, but when she talked to me I realized she was real.

According to the woman, she was over 900 hundred years old and had refused to go to the spiritual side and instead stayed in this world. I asked her why she was watching me and kept scaring me, and she said I was her husband over 850 years ago! She told me I was a Satan-worshiping man and I had taught her the true magic.

That lady came to me every night and would not let me sleep. She said she was waiting for me to go to the spiritual side. I went to doctors and did everything to get rid of these bad things. I tried to believe all these things were not real. Nothing worked, and then something bad happened.

When I was 15 years old, I had a fatal car accident. I stayed dead for two minutes. I still remember all of the things that happened to me in those two minutes that seemed like 200 years. I was in a fire and burning. That lady was laughing at me and trying to pull me to the other side. I saw a huge dog with two heads, and they were licking all over me.

After I came back to life, I started to feel people’s thoughts and see their pasts and futures. When I was 22 years old, the dark lady said she was going to be my spirit guide in this world until I die. That car accident was a trial for me, and I was successful.

I now see more things in this world. I talk with demons through her, and I see the dark side of the world. I don’t have a picture or anything to prove this, but I can give you her name. If you want to call her, just read this and you will see the real darkness:

‘Kizora Tramuo Kluora Marumo Wanra Tarakai Olarai Mabaluo Larina Sincala Fenalu Karalioa Karalio Karalio. Come to see me and I will give to you. Jakrara Kilrara Mucaaw Pintola Iziara niburu Felasa Rahim Yukuro.’”

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