Reader Submission: The Haunted Painting

creepy painting“When I was 18, my wealthy older brother moved me and our parents into his house so he could move closer to work and so we would get out of the crappy neighborhood we were in. This house was only six years old and held no paranormal experiences like our old house did… until about a year late

My dad frequently uses eBay and bought an old painting. He was really excited and presented it to me and my mom. The colors were very vibrant and pretty, but the actual picture was ugly. It was of a little girl holding a pear. The little girl looked like an alien and was unproportional. It was just weird. My dad hung the painting on the landing that led upstairs to my room. ‘Wonderful,’ I thought.

A few weeks later, I noticed dark figures darting around corners and in my peripheral vision, just like they had at the old house. ‘Maybe it’s just my bangs in my face; there’s nothing here.’ I sat my parents down the next day and asked them if they had seen anything like we used to see. They said no but would keep a look out.

A few days later, I was going upstairs to my room after school and the painting caught my attention. The eyes of the little girl had been obviously scratched out with something that looked very sharp. I almost lost it thinking my mom had taken a key or tweezers and ruined my dad’s prized painting so she could blame me. When she got home, I drug her up the stairs and showed her. I said, ‘Why did you do this?!’ She was shocked, and after going back and forth for a few minutes we came to the conclusion that neither of us has done it. She felt creeped out for a few days. We showed my dad and he felt the same way. He threw the painting out at work the next day.”

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