Reader Submission: The Follower

shadow person

“It first started when my big sister moved to a new set of flats, and we were helping them move in – me, my mum, and my dad – but my sister said if I stayed longer to sort out the spare bedroom she’d give me a lift home.

So I stayed till about half nine, but I told my sister not to worry because she was really tired and she’d had a glass of wine, plus my place was only four stops away on the tube.

We said goodbye, and when I left all the street lamps were out down the street, but I didn’t take any notice. So I carried on walking, but I felt a bit strange. I felt like there were eyes on me, but I carried on until I reached the tube. There was nothing unusual there, so I thought it was just me being superstitious.

Terror on the Tube

Anyway, I got on the tube and played on my phone. At the first stop, the train was flooded with people, like people standing up and squashed right up against each other. I didn’t take any notice as I sat, I just ignored all the noise.

I felt the train stop at the next underground station, but didn’t look up. Then, after a while, I realized the train was unusually quiet, unlike a few minutes ago. So I looked up, and the tube was empty!! I was the only one left. I got a bit worried because of all the times I had been on a tube, it had never been completely empty apart from me.

When the train got to the last stop before I had to get off, it slowed right down and just stopped. The engines were still running and it was dark outside the windows. I thought it was probably a malfunction, like another tube was still at the next station, but by then I was shaking with fright like. I got off when the train stopped at the nearest station before mine.

The Phone Call

I called my dad and asked him to pick me up, but halfway through the phone cut out. I rang back thinking there’d been a bad signal, but it went straight to voice mail. I tried again, my dad said hello, and the phone cut out again. I looked at the screen, saw the battery was on red, and then the screen went blank. It was out of charge. I got so shaky because the battery had been three-quarters of the way to charge.

I found a pay phone and rang my dad. There was an answer, but then it was just silence and some muffled movement. I hung up and decided to just walk home. That’s when I heard footsteps behind me. I started to run and didn’t look back.

When I got in, my mum and dad were fast asleep in bed. I woke my dad who claimed he hadn’t had a phone call and whoever answered wasn’t him. Even my mum said he hadn’t answered the phone.

Voices in the Night

After that, I went to bed and tried to forget about it, but I was too worried to sleep. I started hearing movement on the landing and the stairs, so I looked, but there was no one there. I phoned my sister and told her I was scared, and she told me I was being silly and superstitious.

I felt in a muddle about everything, so I had a little cry. Then I heard my mum’s familiar voice saying my name. I opened my bedroom door for her, but no one was there. I crept into my mum and dad’s bedroom, and there they were, fast asleep. I was terrified then, and just sat in my room all night, awake, with the light on, wondering what the hell was going on.

Another Perplexing Call

I phoned my sister the next morning and the first time it cut out like it did with my dad, but I phoned back and she answered. I told her something was up, and she just replied with, ‘Don’t worry. Nothing is going on. You scared yourself so much with the train last night that you heard someone say your name, but it was in your head.’

I called her back later that night, telling her she was right and that she had reassured me. She came back with, ‘I don’t what you’re on about. The last time I spoke to you was on the phone last night. I haven’t spoken to you or mum and dad today. Whoever you spoke to wasn’t me.’

The Follower

I got freaked out and had a breakdown. I was never good at dealing with things, and my mum said that I had passed out and they’d called an ambulance. And then I remembered being in the ambulance, looking up at the ceiling. My mum was there, my dad was there, a paramedic was there, and so was some random person without a uniform, which I thought was a bit weird. The person just stood over my head, looking at me. My eyes then fell closed, and I blacked out again.

I never saw the random person without a uniform again. I looked as the ambulance doors opened when I came round again, but no one else got out apart from my mum and dad and the paramedic. I also looked back as they took me in the entrance, but the ambulance was empty. Was the person I saw a ghost or spirit that followed me?

Nothing has happened to me since. I haven’t seen the person, and nothing has done anything to scare me. I was thinking it was just a spirit that followed me, gave me a scare, and then left again. For some reason, I haven’t been scared of my follower ever since the ambulance situation…”

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