Ghost Video: Tampa’s Oaklawn Cemetery

Does this video show a ghost at Tampa’s Oaklawn Cemetery?

4 thoughts on “Ghost Video: Tampa’s Oaklawn Cemetery

  1. Is this an original video – meaning, did you yourself record this – or is it a share from someone else? I only ask because I’m suspicious based on the very last “In memory of” part. That seems… theatrical to me (for lack of a better term). I attempted a Google search for “Jason Rodriguez Missing Tampa FL” but the results were mostly for a 19 year old that passed, and a crazy guy that shot up his former office.
    That being said, this is certainly some intriguing footage.

    • This is not my video. I found it on YouTube. I, too, wondered about the “in memory of” message and found the same Google results. Also, I wonder what church would ask paranormal investigators to record. The cemetery is maintained by Tampa Parks and Recreation.

  2. I am not so sure that it isn’t just a passing car… at one point in the video, in the background, it sure does look like you can see a set of headlights.. or at the very least some kind of light.. I’m thinking this might be one of those too good to be true instances.

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